Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kate Ford’s Pulling Problem

Coronation Street star Kate Ford has complained that men are scared of her.

The actress revealed that she is unlucky in love because potential boyfriends worry that she could be like her on-screen character, bitchy Tracy Barlow.

"Playing Tracy hasn't done my love life any favours," Ford told the Daily Star. "I definitely don't get chatted up any more because I'm on telly.

"Most men just think it's hilarious to shout at me from car windows. They scream, 'Oi! Tracy!' or 'How's Deirdre?' That's the closest I get to chat-up lines. Maybe Tracy puts guys off 'cos people do have a habit of assuming you're just like your character, and Tracy can be a right bitch."

Corrie Canuck readers may recall that Kate Ford was a special guest at Truckfest in Scotland last weekend. If you can’t pull at Truckfest, honey you can’t pull anywhere.

What you need Kate, is a talisman. Something to enchant and entice the opposite sex. Perhaps a lucky piece of clothing?

Les has his lucky pulling jacket . . .

Dev has his pulling glasses . . .

Suggestions welcome for Kate’s lucky pulling piece in the ‘comments’ section


John said...

Well, if she'd stop sloughing it off on everyone else, she could always use her pulling pram. Great for picking up Chavs in council flats.

MJ said...

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. Welcome back, Shatnerian.