Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Johnny Receives Dear John Letter

Stunned Coronation Street star Johnny Briggs was opening his fan mail when he came across a divorce letter from his wife.

Friends said Johnny - factory boss Mike Baldwin - was "traumatised" when he found the note from Christine at Granada's Manchester studios. He has consulted a lawyer.

A family source said: "There's no third party. They've remained on good terms, but Christine is 100 per cent certain when she says their marriage is over - even if she still cares deeply for him."

Filming commitments mean Johnny, 69, has spent months on end away from second wife Christine, 56, during their 30-year marriage.

She has remained at their home in Stourbridge, Worcs, raising their four children, aged 15 to 26.

One associate commented: "He's at an age when most people are taking it easy - but here he is with the pressure of a divorce looming."

News Source: The Mirror (edited to remove spoilers)


Anonymous said...

Uhh, can I say bitch? I mean that's pretty original, but damn... that sucks.


Jacqueline said...



BTW- fellow canucks...I do have an update planned. I was suprised by a full hour of corrie, so I just have to watch it htis afternoon.

MJ said...

It's right up there with break up by email, voicemail or fax.

Anonymous said...

Not that being told by letter that your 30-year marriage is over is a good thing... but maybe it was the only way she could track him down?

Puzzling me is why his being away for months on end would be a problem for her now.

He has gone from a front and centre character to very much a background the past few years.