Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's a Pretty Sad State of Affairs

When you need ME to bring back some sense of decency to the site.

Boobie talk:

1) I especially like the way Les's ribs show. YUM!

2) I'm all for boobies. In fact, can I take this opportunity to remind you of my boobie run - clickez ici. MJ has already generously supported me and if anyone else would like to join in, I'll gladly dedicate 1/4K of my run to your favorite set Corrie boobs.

Now, my apologies for not being in touch. Big changes at work and right now I am under the ownership of a large german. But I'm hoping he'll trade me for a race horse and I can get back to corrie blogging - and indeed Corrie watching (I MISSED LAST WEEK'S!)

Prodigal Corrie Daughter.

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