Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Introducing Roy Cropper

Yesterday we saw the introduction of Royston (Roy) Cropper on Country Canada’s Coronation Street Classics.

Roy (played by David Nielson) first shows up on Coronation Street in 1995. He lives in the top flat of Mike Baldwin’s investment flats on Crimea Street. Deirdre has moved in as caretaker of the building. She’s hoovering the hallway when Roy comes down the stairs with …. drum roll please … his shopping bag! (The bag that Roy carries around to this day belonged to David Neilson’s mum, who died just before he joined Corrie.)

Apparently Hayley doesn’t appear until 1998. What will Roy get up to in the meantime?

(Roy then.)

(Roy now.)

Just when I was thinking it’s time someone started up a Roy Cropper Appreciation Society, I discovered The Roy Cropper Fan Club. Drop by and help Roy feel the love.

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