Saturday, August 13, 2005

In A Lather Over New British Drink Laws

Plans to relax drinking laws in England and Wales will lead to a sharp increase in violent crime, judges have warned.

North Wales Police deputy chief Clive Wolfendale feels the cost of alcohol should be trebled to discourage binge drinking.

“The sight of young men and women urinating the street, fighting paralytic in the gutter is not part of a civilised society.”


Jacqueline said...

I was out last night with a memember of the UK and asked what time the pubs close.

He told me.




11 pm.

John said...

Yup. Kowy and I had that shock in Glasgow. She seemed eagar to leave the hotel and hit the pub (Nice n' Sleazy, if you must know). She seemed insistent that they close earlier than in Montréal. I didn't believe her, thinking they must have updated the laws since she left the UK as a kid.

Nope, she was right. I was shocked.

But then, have you seen Ste-Catherine St. at 04:00 am on a Saturday night? It ain't pretty.

MJ said...

11 p.m. Some people are just getting started here at that time.