Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Harry Flagg : Where Is He Now?

Whatever happened to Harry Flagg? Coronation Street’s self-described “professional cleansing operative” bid adieu to Eileen, took off in his camper van for Europe, and hasn’t been heard from since. Not even a postcard.

Coronation Street fans were so outraged by a decision to axe Harry (played by Iain Rogerson) that they started an online petition to save him - and more than a thousand people signed it.

It appears that Rogerson has found work in panto since leaving Corrie.

Grace Dent in The Guardian summed up Harry’s departure best: “His dry observations on love, life and vomit removal will be sorely missed.”


Pamer said...

Look everyone...I am no longer anonymous

Jacqueline said...

you only got the blog to no longer be anonymous, right?

Pamer said...

exactly...i don't really plan on having anything of my own...however i did make up some stupid post for a blog. Silly really!

Who knows...i may use it to vent someday...but I am not the venting type...Cucumber, that's me. As in "cool as a.."

MJ said...

I am begging you to write poetry.

Pamer said...

Silent Chaos

a poem by Pamer

Use the whisper,
as a window to anger.
Use the murmur,
as a portal to spite.
Use the growl and curse and groan and scoff
as an inner sanctum monologue,
for relief.

Pamer said...

i did that in 2 minutes

next week...kittens and puppy dogs

MJ said...

Truly inspired. Shelley and Keats and Byron have nothing on you. But I meant you could post poetry on your new blog. Nonetheless, it's welcome here. Can you put as much symbolism and philosophical thought into an ode to totty?

MJ said...

Pamer, how do we post comments on your blog? I don't see a comment option.

Jacqueline said...


Pamer starts his blog
Candice, Maria, Sarah
Themes are appearing

Pamer said...


i didn't really plan on keeping up that Blog...i just made it out of boredom and to get an account so as not to be Anonymous anymore.

it was just a goof

Pamer said...

aw what the heck....MJ I clicked on the comments and posted that poem


SOH said...

I miss Harry Flagg. I think they missed a real opportunity for character development with him. Maybe they'll wise up and bring him back one day. Why just the other night they were commenting on the disgusting state of the ladies bog. harry would never have allowed that to happen!

FYI: As of today we are 9 months behind. We're seing the last week of November. If they keep showing the extra episodes, we'll catch up a bit.

Pamer said...

oh yeah...i miss Harry too. I got some great cleaning tips

Ginny said...

Please Harry, come back to us.

Anonymous said...

I miss Harry ... Yeah would have been good to make a devolpment to and hope he comes back and finds Eileen, They could be a really good couple. Cheers