Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Sean

Sean runs out of fingers to count his birthdays

ANTONY COTTON (our Sean Tully)

Born: August 5, 1975

Antony Cotton says that playing Sean is easy - because he just has to act like himself.

"If I was a leading Hollywood actor I'd have to make up some waffle about how there's nothing of me in the role," Cotton told The People. "But I can't be a***d - and it's not true. Sean looks like me and he sounds like me, so that's halfway there, isn't it?"

He added, "I get letters from one 79-year-old telling me I'm ace, old men who say I'm lucky to be working with the girls in the factory - they rather miss the point - and someone who blames me for Sarah Platt losing her baby when I wasn't even on the Street then!"

However, Antony has admitted that not all of the reports about him have been positive.

"Some of the gay press have been getting right on my t***," he said. "Basically, they've been accusing me of making Sean a stereotype. Stereotypes only exist because they are stereotypes - so two fingers to anyone who disagrees, I say. Anyway, Corrie is the campest show in the world.

"You've got people like Blanche Hunt, Emily Bishop and Norris Cole and there were the classic characters like Bet Lynch and Annie Walker. They're all more camp than Sean.”

Antony Cotton Tidbits:

Antony announced at age five that he wanted to be an actor. He told The People, “I was outrageous as a child. I went missing in a department store once and when my mum found me I was Hoovering with a vacuum one of the cleaners had left behind.”

When he was 18, Antony told his parents he was gay. To wind him up, his mum screamed, “No, no, no!” and fell over onto the floor. Antony was in shock but his mum got up and said, “Antony, love, I’ve known since you were born.”

He played Alexander Perry in ‘Queer as Folk’ (UK version).

Antony played personal assistant Damon in Absolutely Fabulous ‘Menopause’ and ‘Parallox’ episodes (Season 4.)

He was co-writer and star of “Having it Off,” a BBC3 comedy series. Antony played Guy La Trousse, hairstylist/manager of an Eccles hair salon. Watch a clip from “Having it Off” where Antony’s character Guy trades insults with salon owner’s wife April. (I’ve posted this video clip previously.)

Antony is friends offscreen with fellow Corrie stars Jennie McAlpine (our Fiz Brown), Bruno Langley (our Todd Grimshaw), and Suranne Jones (our Karen McDonald).


Jacqueline said...

I knew he had to be a leo.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Sean err I mean Antony on Corrie. He was also great on QAF (UK). And Corrie is so camp it's not funny. One of the many reasons I love this show.

And can I just give snaps to CBC Country Canada for airing Corrie Classics. So much I've missed.

I <3 Bet Lynch!


MJ said...

Sean and Bet are the Queens of Coronation Street. I wish Bet was still on the show so we could have scenes with both of them at The Rovers.

Jacqueline said...

Well, I think we all know how I feel about Bet.

Bet would have to be THE Queen in my eyes, lovely as our Sean is.