Sunday, August 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Sarah

TINA O’BRIEN (our Sarah Platt)

Born: August 7, 1983

Tina O’Brien Tidbits:

Tina was born near Manchester and brought up by her mum, also called Tina, and dad Steve.

Her love of acting began when she was just 10, and she was soon cast in such television dramas as Children's Ward and The Cops. She also acted in the BBC's gritty, award-winning Clocking On series, playing the daughter of former Corrie star Sarah Lancashire (our Raquel.)

Tina joined the cast of Coronation Street at age 16. She was the third actress to take on the role of Sarah Louise Platt, joining the soap at the same time as her co-star and good friend Nikki Sanderson who plays Candice Stowe. Nikki actually auditioned for the role of Sarah in Coronation Street - and vice versa. "We were up for each other's roles," says Nikki of herself and Tina O'Brien. "She was perfect for her role and I think I'm well-suited to mine - in a professional sense!" says Nikki.

Leonardo DiCaprio was an early influence on Tina’s acting career. "Leonardo was my first crush when I was about 12. I used to dream that one day I would be in a film with him. I think your first major famous crush stays with you through life."

Tina admits she can't help fancying bad boys. "I'm in love with Colin Farrell," she says with a huge sigh. "He's gorgeous because he's a bad boy. It's all about his attitude - he looks like he doesn't give a damn about anything. In interviews he's always sitting back and looking really cheeky and - I don't know why, because I know he's the wrong type of man - but that's exactly what draws me towards him."

She is currently dating her co-star Ryan Thomas who plays our Jason Grimshaw.

Tina revealed to Ann Montini of Sky News that she loves stripping off and doing lads' mag shoots. "I did it at the start because I needed to show the public that I had grown up, but now I like them! The pictures make you look far more glamorous than you are in real life."


Anonymous said...

Tina, I 'm a bad boy...I'm a bad boy!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL Pamer

I thought she was younger when she joined the cast. Wasn't she preggers at like 13 or something?

MJ said...

Tina was 16 when she joined the Corrie cast although she was playing a 12-year-old. And yes, she was preggers at 13. She says, "People recognised me even then but in the show Sarah was only 12 so that's how old people thought I was. Clubbers would come up to me and say 'What are you doing here?'

Anonymous said...

Mange tak (many thanks) MJ!

I know people always play younger, but 16 playin' 12? wow... that's a bit of stretch...


I want a hindu wedding now! Sans the crazy evil ex of course.

Anonymous said...

yeah...the Hindu wedding was very cool


MJ said...

How about a Hindu Hen-Do?

Jacqueline said...

Mj - when are we going to see some tottie of the male species?

MJ said...

I'll get on it.