Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Jacqueline

Born: Before her time
Occupation: Corrie Canuck creator
Favourite beverage: Vodka
Favourite Corrie character: Bet Lynch
Favourite Corrie totty: Charlie Stubbs

Here at Corrie Canuck, we’ve always suspected that Charlie and Jacqueline were having it off. Now, here’s the proof . . . . .

Yes, our Jacqueline is the new femme fatale on the Street and she’s ready to break some hearts.

(Insert sound of doors being bolted as women up and down the Street lock up their husbands and lovers and sons.)

Shelley has the night off from The Rovers and has sodded off with Sunita or sommat. Time for cheating Charlie to make his move on Jacqueline. Charlie wastes no time getting his kit off.

(Insert sound of the unzipping of trousers)

(Charlie totty. Yeah baby, yeah!)

[Cut to early the next morning]

Shell overhears Charlie and Jacqueline in the throes of passion and can’t believe she’s been made a mug of yet again. When will she learn?

Shelley is gutted and seeks comfort in the arms of her mum. This is rich considering Bev’s bedded the bad boy builder a few times herself.

[Cut to closing theme music. Dahhhhh dah dah dah dah dahhhhhh.]

Next episode: (the drama continues)

Ciaran comes a calling for Jacqueline . . . in his underwear!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA I love it. That was brilliant.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline

Love Pamer

Jacqueline said...


How'd you know what I got up to this weekend?

And the best thing is - the older I get, the more appeal I have to our Charlie.

I feel all cougar(ish).. Come here Ciaran...I won't bite!

John said...

Hee. Happy Birthday!

Ginny said...

Hey MJ - that is priceless!

Happy Birthday Jacqueline!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks guys!

Radmila said...

Happy Birthday girlie girl!