Monday, August 15, 2005

CBC Locks Out Employees

The CBC locked out about 5,500 employees at 12:01 a.m.

Coronation Street should not be affected but we’ll keep you updated.


John said...

According the schedule, there will be a Corrie special on Thursday night. Maybe it's one of the ones that got pre-empted all those months ago.

MJ said...

I can't update on the schedule at this point. CBC Audience Relations isn't answering their phones because:

A) They're locked out.
B) They've finally started blocking my calls when they see my number pop up on their screens. Her again!

John said...

By rights, it shouldn't be too hard to mess up showing Corrie at a time like this. They have the tapes. All they need to do is ask the intern/scab worker to put them in the machine at the appointed hour. Heck, they could even reserve Sunday as a monster catch-up day. Well, I can dream.