Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Boom, Boom, Boom - Let's go back to Maya's Room


Dev & Sunita
Oooooooooooooooooooookay....so Dev and Sunita have her parents over for a nice dinner. It's nice. The house looks nice. The food looks nice. The conversation is nice. Nice, nice, nice.

Maya staring from across the street - while the sounds of explosions play in her criminally insane mind...not so nice.

Yeah. Dev got called to one of his shops as the alarm had gone off. When he got there, he opened the door and BOOM the shop blows up - he goes flying over his car and the shop explodes again, again, again and again.

Ooooooooh the humanity!!!!

So from what I've heard is that she doesn't just blow up one shop, but we'll have to see. I guess she was attempting to kill Dev also.

BTW - the crazy maya/explosion sounds endings was one of the best ending scenes - evah.

Well - what else happened tonight?

who cares!

Lets see - Frankie is helping the Duckworths and is even doing Vera's shift at the diner. There are some very sweet scenes with Jack when he finds out that (surprise, suprise) she didn't have an Eaton upbringing.

Best lines out of that story:

'I'm just a banged up old clapper!' (I will try to use this line at least once this week - preferably in front of the president of my company.)

'Go back to Hollywood, Frankie!' - Relax! Don't Do It! Ha-ha.

Guy still offering to buy the garage.. Kev still not interested. Of course Sally went into her 'better ourselves' schtick - Kev put her in her place and she apologized! There was even a sweet kissy scene between them.

Sean and Kelly
Kelly made a pass at Sean. Uh, I don't think she gets it. Gay means gay. Gay men rarely catch 'straight'.

Leanne and Hairy Baldwin Boy
He still needs a comb and a bath.

Canadian Tire
Dude was selling some fancy skates. Then he made this poncy line about 'There's even come in women's styles.' (Yeah, something for the dames!)

And i can't remember anythign else... I'm still gasping over the whole Maya thing.

(Also, it dawned on me that I can serve Indian food for my dinner party on Saturday - so that was good, because I couldn't think up anything.)


Anonymous said...

see..i missed the part with maya fuming across the street so the shop blowing up was MORE of a surprise. I mean I kinda knew somthing was going to happen but not that (everything was gong so perfect with the family...too perfect right?)...Great Ending!!!

Is Frankie just bored or what? I always thought she just pretended to like V, or regarded her simply as "the help", does V remind her of her mother or something? i liked the part where Jack was flirting with her and she totally made him feel nervous...HA


Anonymous said...

Well, I for one was left standing with my mouth open, I say, my mouth open.

It was a fabulous surprise, even though I knew Maya was eventually blowing up a shop -- thanks to my Brit sister-in-law.

But I didn't think it would be now.

See, I was thinking Maya was safely tucked away in jail pending trial. Sunita was kept in jail for the same bigamy offences Maya would have been charged with.

But hey, this is a soap, dammit, and a darned good one.

Anonymous said...

yeah was a bit of a surprise seeing all those shops been blown up...was the best since richard hillman came along ! cheers