Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Harry Flagg : Where Is He Now?

Whatever happened to Harry Flagg? Coronation Street’s self-described “professional cleansing operative” bid adieu to Eileen, took off in his camper van for Europe, and hasn’t been heard from since. Not even a postcard.

Coronation Street fans were so outraged by a decision to axe Harry (played by Iain Rogerson) that they started an online petition to save him - and more than a thousand people signed it.

It appears that Rogerson has found work in panto since leaving Corrie.

Grace Dent in The Guardian summed up Harry’s departure best: “His dry observations on love, life and vomit removal will be sorely missed.”

Karen’s Cups Runneth Over

Karen McDonald’s breasts have swollen to mind-blowing proportions. Only a bra with a complex system of pulleys, structural steel, and flying buttresses can house those projectiles. We need to get an engineering team on this project right away.

If only Howard Hughes were still alive. Using his aeronautical skills, Hughes invented a cantilevered push-up bra for screen sensation Jane Russell. Karen could really use you now, Howie.

If they can put a man on the moon, surely they can build a better house for Karen’s kazongas. Let’s hope scientists are working on it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Boom, Boom, Boom - Let's go back to Maya's Room


Dev & Sunita Dev and Sunita have her parents over for a nice dinner. It's nice. The house looks nice. The food looks nice. The conversation is nice. Nice, nice, nice.

Maya staring from across the street - while the sounds of explosions play in her criminally insane mind...not so nice.

Yeah. Dev got called to one of his shops as the alarm had gone off. When he got there, he opened the door and BOOM the shop blows up - he goes flying over his car and the shop explodes again, again, again and again.

Ooooooooh the humanity!!!!

So from what I've heard is that she doesn't just blow up one shop, but we'll have to see. I guess she was attempting to kill Dev also.

BTW - the crazy maya/explosion sounds endings was one of the best ending scenes - evah.

Well - what else happened tonight?

who cares!

Lets see - Frankie is helping the Duckworths and is even doing Vera's shift at the diner. There are some very sweet scenes with Jack when he finds out that (surprise, suprise) she didn't have an Eaton upbringing.

Best lines out of that story:

'I'm just a banged up old clapper!' (I will try to use this line at least once this week - preferably in front of the president of my company.)

'Go back to Hollywood, Frankie!' - Relax! Don't Do It! Ha-ha.

Guy still offering to buy the garage.. Kev still not interested. Of course Sally went into her 'better ourselves' schtick - Kev put her in her place and she apologized! There was even a sweet kissy scene between them.

Sean and Kelly
Kelly made a pass at Sean. Uh, I don't think she gets it. Gay means gay. Gay men rarely catch 'straight'.

Leanne and Hairy Baldwin Boy
He still needs a comb and a bath.

Canadian Tire
Dude was selling some fancy skates. Then he made this poncy line about 'There's even come in women's styles.' (Yeah, something for the dames!)

And i can't remember anythign else... I'm still gasping over the whole Maya thing.

(Also, it dawned on me that I can serve Indian food for my dinner party on Saturday - so that was good, because I couldn't think up anything.)

The Canadian Tire Guy


It seems the Canadian Tire Guy (Ted Simonett) has caused a kerfuffle with our Jacqueline. (Rightly so, Jacqueline, rightly so.)

Watch this Royal Canadian Air Farce video clip. Scroll down to “Canadian Tire Couple Visit.” (uses RealPlayer)

And don’t miss the satirical “Canadian Tire Couple in Divorce Shocker.”

Update August 29th

Okay - the hour long episodes are great, but a lot of info. Forgive me if I forget anything.


Deidre - you have to be one of the worst mothers in history. I'm sorry - but I hold you completely responsible for the mess that is your daughter today. 'Oh, Tracey!'

Anyway, Tracey and Karen are having a little fight over the car that involves removing the tires, breaking into the homes and getting tires back, etc. Both are enjoying themselves to the nines.

Liz - okay...RENT a flat!

I think they have to be careful.

I mean I guess it's assumed that the Battersby's are heir apparants to the Duckworths. But I don't know....

When I see Steve try to seduce Karen by lifting his shirt to show his belly and doing a little wiggle....or when she exhausts him with demands for baby-making sex - I see the ghost of Duckworth future.

So Jack's scheme of having Vera believe that some historical society had nominated their place for honour - especially because of the re-installed pigeon coops - worked.

Vera was so happy that she rushed right out to get a new frock for Bonny Prince Charles' visit.

Unfortunately, she was mugged while doing it, roughed up and left with a 'strained' ankle.

Jack is feeling mucho guilt, espeically since Vera's feeling guilt about wanting the honour so badly. She feels guilty because if she was killed he'd be left on his own. Guilt upon guilt? Welcome to my world....

But it was very touching to see Jack take care of Vera as such.


Were able to fool the council guy that it was an ordinary bath tub that came through the ceiling.

Cilla tried to get Charlie to fix it, using her feminine wiles. Apparantly, there is a woman he can resist.

Lez ended up paying through the nose to get Kevin to haul away the hot tub.

Chesney, Sean, Kelly

Are all becoming close friends. Kelly and Sean spent the night together (purely plantonic) and Chesney has found a listening ear in Sean.

The 'posh' couple came over for dinner and there seems to be a nice relationship working between the couple. So nice, that rich dude offered Kev a postion to work for him.

Kevin has said no, but richie van rich asked him to think about it. I'm sure once Sal gets wind of it...well, you know.

Canadian Tire

Seriously, am the only one who hates that bucked tooth freak?

Quizzy Quiz

Idea lifted from the Canadian Coronation Street bulletin board - here's the first of Corrie Canucks Polls.

When you watch Coronation Street, who's the most annoying person to come on your screen?

- Cilla

- Shelly

- Any one of the Baldwins

- Les

- Liz

- That schmuck from the Canadian Tire commercials

Rude Britain

Canadians have Dildo and Blow Me Down.

Britain has Slag Lane and Sandy Balls.

Read all about it in Rude Britain: The 100 Rudest Place Names in Britain.

Meanwhile, in Austria, the British have a fixation with F***ing.

Queer Eye for the Builder Guy

Charlie Stubbs’ hair has gone from shaggy to sleek.

Now if only Carson Kressley would take him shopping and teach him how to tjuz.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Weatherfield Workouts

While Corrie addicts the nation over rejoice in longer hours of programming this week, we may not notice the insidious side effects of our television viewing. Sitting square-eyed for hours in front of telly with our pints and crisps and bikkies, we are blissfully unaware of the creeping menace. Fat! Evil added poundage!

Never fear, dear Corrie Canuck reader. We've compiled a selection of exercise videos by Coronation Street stars to get you up off your arses.

We promise not to post photos of Fred Elliott in spandex . . . for now. (We still haven’t recovered from the sight of Jack Duckworth in orange Lycra cycling shorts!)

Haven’t you wondered how Coronation Street characters stay fit when they spend so much time at The Rovers? Well, now we know that Karen stays in shape by shagging Steve ten times a day!

Now, get ready to shape up!

Dance yourself slim with Coronation Street: Funk Fit. Tina O’Brien (our Sarah Platt), Nikki Sanderson (our Candice Stowe) and Lucy Jo Hudson (our Katy Harris) don skimpy outfits to make you sweat.

How does our Liz manage to squeeze into those tight dresses? Beverley Callard – Real Results reveals her slimming secrets. This is just one in a series of exercise videos she’s released.

She’s quoted in Woman’s Own saying, "I'm no saint. I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, eat chocolate and, if I've got a week off, drink every night." Now that’s a fitness regime.

Our Maxine Peacock suffered a tragic demise at the hands of Richard (Tricky Dicky) Hillman but she looks bright and bouncy in Tracy's Salsacise for Hips and Thighs.

“It's brilliant for tightening your bum,” says Tracy. She should know. Tracy was Rear of the Year in 1996.

Gone but not forgotten, former Corrie star Angela Griffin (our Fiona) brings us the Angela Griffin Dance Mix Workout. (Fiona was Steve McDonald’s girlfriend long before Barren Karen showed up.)

Former Corrie star Denise Welch (our Natalie) tones and stretches with Denise Welch - You Can Do It. (Natalie was Kevin Webster’s bit on the side.)

When Debra Stephenson (our Frankie) was pregnant with her son Max, her boobs got so big she could fit her head into one of her bra cups - which saved her time when shopping for undies.

"When I went to buy bras I didn't bother trying them on - I just stuck them on my head," she laughs. "If I could fit my head in the cup, I knew the bra was big enough!"

Debra hasn’t released a fitness video but she weighs in with some fitness tips.

And finally, our Cilla demonstrates the ultimate workout.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

568ml of Ale Please, Shell

If the European Commission gets its way, punters used to enjoying a pint may instead find themselves supping 568ml of beer.

Who Knew?

That a labour strike at CBC would put us in Corrie heaven?
They should go on strike more often, then they'd stop screwing with Corrie times schedules.

Someday He’ll Come Along, The Man I Love

Manchester Pride. Happy days. But what about our Sean? How can he celebrate when he’s the only gay in the village?

We’ve seen a spate of Corrie couples get together this year: Dev and Sunita; Candice and Warren; Pamer, er, Jason and Violet.

Will Sean find Mr. Right? Or just Mr. Right Now? Let’s rescue him before Kelly tries to convert him! (Note to Kelly: Sean has no intention of playing for your team. Ever. Get over him.)

It’s your turn to play matchmaker. You can choose anyone in the world. Who would you select as the ideal man for Sean?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Todd & Karl Fiction Heaven

If you’ve read everything on the Big Gay Read list, why not try Todd & Karl Fiction Heaven?

Manchester Pride Parade


Friday, August 26, 2005

It’s Curtains for Vera

Weatherfield window treatments named and shamed.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Update Aug 23 & 24th

Steve and Karen

This guy's ass would have been on the curb a long time ago if I were Karen. There's only so much one can take and he seems to have no ability to stand up to his mother or the baby mommy.

Karen found out that Steve went with the Barlows to this game show, but what she didn't know is that he was on the show as part of hte 'Mom and Dad' stylings of Amy's parents. She especially didn't know that she won the car for the Barlows (re Tracey) by answering the shoe question.

So the game show was going to be broadcast and there was a hilarious little bit where Steve is trying to keep her from every television in Weatherfield. Finally, he got her into the Rovers where Fred doesnt' allow the telly on except for football games.

But of course, Fred's not around and everyone is gathered around watching Steve call Karen for the winning answer.

I know I've said it before, but I really do feel bad for her. She's shallow, selfish,etc. but the level of humiliation that Tracey puts her through and Liz, the Barlows and Steve allows is unbelieveable.

So she threw a fit, had a confrontation wiht Tracey the next day (to which she egged Karen on by mentioning that Steve was in her hotel room (cause he was locked out of his).) Karen ends up belting Tracey and the same old clafuffle happens.

She also ends up throwing Steve and Liz out of the house...again,can't blame her...seems to have washed her hands of it all.

Charlie and Shell

He is now forbidding her to go out if he plans on being home. I smell a psycho in the works.

Oh Charlie...and you were so well behaved for me!

Maria and Tyrone
There was some kind of holiday in the works that Maria had invited Tyrone to. Then Candice decided she should go instead of him - and told him as much. Maria, seeing his hurt feelings, went running after him to tell him that she wanted him to come instead.

Ashley and Claire
Ashley had accidently forgotten Maxine's birthday and was feeling mighty guilty about the whole thing. But then realized that he had to live in the here and now with Claire.

When Maxine's mom came to collect them all for a visit to Maxine's grave, Ashley was just about to tell her that he wasn't going to go. But then Claire popped around the corner with a bunch of flowers to take to the grave.

Ashley was so touched that he decided that waiting until the year 2345 for their wedding was a bad idea. He asked her to marry him right away and booked the church for a Christmas wedding.

Jack and Vera
Jack has got some guy to pretend to be from a historical society interested in their place as historical site - example of a traditional norhtern home or something.

Buddy has got Vera convinced that their place is just about to be picked and if it were Prince Charles himself would pay a visit. The ONLY thing holding them back is - a pigeon coop.

Sal and Kev
Kev is making fast friends with one of the fathers from Oakhill (it is Oakhill, right? Cause it's sounding a lot like AWKhill).

Sal is putting on airs, but it seems like this guy genuinely enjoys Kev's company.

Mystery Photo

Since you’re doing so well today with the captions, it’s time to post another challenge. Can you guess the identity of this Corrie gal? Post your answers in the ‘comments’ section. I’m on my way out but will check in later tonight to see how you’re doing.


Post your caption in the comments section for this photo of Warren and Candice.

Thursday Night Reminder

Here’s a reminder that a Coronation Street Special airs from 6:30-7:30 pm tonight followed by a new episode from 7:30 to 8:00 pm.

Brits Kvetch More Than Canucks

Britain is a nation of complainers, research claims.

More than a third of us spoke out against a company or organisation in the last year.

Sweden's 41 per cent put them top of the poll.

Australians came third with 30 per cent, followed by Canada with 26 per cent.

The research, carried out by NOP World, also found people in Taiwan were least likely to complain, with just one per cent speaking out.

This was followed by Saudi Arabia at three per cent and China at four per cent.

News source: The Daily Record

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Corrie Character Sighting

Did anyone watch the show Popcorn on BBC Canada on Monday night? The episode was called 'Turkish Delight" and starred our 'Natalie' who played a housewife in an unhappy marriage and fed up with her life who rediscovers herself as a belly dancer.

Image hosted by
Denise Welch

Dishing Out the Dosh for Chesney

Coronation Street bosses have denied reports that Sam Aston - who plays Chesney Brown - has become the highest-paid child star on TV.

Another Pint Please, Shell

Boozy Brits are downing record amounts — while wine-supping French and beer-quaffing Germans ease up.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Update for Aug 22, 2005


He managed to win the car on the game show for the family. He refused any cut in the car as long as everyone promised not to tell Karen about the show.

Everyone promised, but Tracey is still trying to get him to come back to her. She's using Amy and even playing good girl with Karen. She's actually getting a little pathetic - imho. (Tried to get him to say that if he didn't think he'd get caught, he'd sleep with her.)

Of course Liz, Deidre and Blanche are all on the Steve and Karen should be together train.

I'm sorry - I do feel bad for Karen.

Kev and Sally

Went to a posh party with parents of Rosie's classmates. Even though you could tell she felt out of place, a glimpse of the good life has sparked a renewed interest in Sal.

She was in a good mood when they got back home and just when it looked like Kev and Sal might be sharing a pleasant moment - she rebuffed his advances.

She's kind of a crap wife.

Janice and Patrick

Attempted to go on a date but when Patrick showed up at her door, Leanne thought the car was for her and the Baldwin boy and got him to drive them around.

I guess Patrick wanted to keep his interest in Janice a secret so he obliged and left the flowers at her door.

They eventually hooked up - but by this time it was too late for food. So they chatted and ended up trying to find Patrick's loose dog. The dog ended up knocking down Janice and between that and the dog farting - the date was a lost cause.

Also, Jack is up to something to get his pigeons back.
Sunita is seriously pissed about being in jail and refuses to go on holiday with Dev.
And something about Jamie blackmailing his dad for money....(these baldwin boys bore me for some reason.)


So I'm watching the hour of Corrie I taped last night and at the moment, the Barlows, Liz and Steve are on some game show that involves the entire family.

Steve was coerced into this and is terrified that Karen (who's in Dublin) will find out.

Now he has to answer the big win question - and he can call anyone for help as long as that person is related.

The topic of the big question is - Shoes.

WHO oh WHO can help him out with a shoe related question?

I have wet myself laughing.

Brits Demand 99p Coin

British consumers want to banish the bulge in their pockets by calling for the introduction of a 99p coin.

Gail’s Ex to Appear in Court

Former Coronation Street star Christopher Quinten (our Brian Tilsley) will face Horseferry Road magistrates tomorrow.

Johnny Receives Dear John Letter

Stunned Coronation Street star Johnny Briggs was opening his fan mail when he came across a divorce letter from his wife.

Friends said Johnny - factory boss Mike Baldwin - was "traumatised" when he found the note from Christine at Granada's Manchester studios. He has consulted a lawyer.

A family source said: "There's no third party. They've remained on good terms, but Christine is 100 per cent certain when she says their marriage is over - even if she still cares deeply for him."

Filming commitments mean Johnny, 69, has spent months on end away from second wife Christine, 56, during their 30-year marriage.

She has remained at their home in Stourbridge, Worcs, raising their four children, aged 15 to 26.

One associate commented: "He's at an age when most people are taking it easy - but here he is with the pressure of a divorce looming."

News Source: The Mirror (edited to remove spoilers)

From Knicker Stitcher to Calendar Girl

Several stars have teamed up with their furry friends for a new calendar in aid of pet charity PDSA.

Jennie McAlpine (our Fiz Brown) posed with a friend’s Tonkinese cat for the PDSA Pet Pawtraits calendar. (photo is miniscule near bottom of page.)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Brit of the Day

Dom Mee is sailing from Newfoundland to Devon by kite boat.

Let’s hope he doesn’t collide with the Viking ship made of ice cream sticks.

Top 100 Hunks

Johnny Depp. Check. Brad Pitt. Check. What’s this? No Roy Cropper?!

Happy Birthday Jacqueline

Born: Before her time
Occupation: Corrie Canuck creator
Favourite beverage: Vodka
Favourite Corrie character: Bet Lynch
Favourite Corrie totty: Charlie Stubbs

Here at Corrie Canuck, we’ve always suspected that Charlie and Jacqueline were having it off. Now, here’s the proof . . . . .

Yes, our Jacqueline is the new femme fatale on the Street and she’s ready to break some hearts.

(Insert sound of doors being bolted as women up and down the Street lock up their husbands and lovers and sons.)

Shelley has the night off from The Rovers and has sodded off with Sunita or sommat. Time for cheating Charlie to make his move on Jacqueline. Charlie wastes no time getting his kit off.

(Insert sound of the unzipping of trousers)

(Charlie totty. Yeah baby, yeah!)

[Cut to early the next morning]

Shell overhears Charlie and Jacqueline in the throes of passion and can’t believe she’s been made a mug of yet again. When will she learn?

Shelley is gutted and seeks comfort in the arms of her mum. This is rich considering Bev’s bedded the bad boy builder a few times herself.

[Cut to closing theme music. Dahhhhh dah dah dah dah dahhhhhh.]

Next episode: (the drama continues)

Ciaran comes a calling for Jacqueline . . . in his underwear!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Corrie Specials

Turns out that today’s Coronation Street Special (Steve and Karen McDonald) was different from the Special they ran on Thursday night (Hunks.) I had assumed they would air the same special both days. Unfortunately, there are no details available ahead of time to let us know which Special is airing.

Shobna Supports Rakhi Campaign

Shobna Gulati (our Sunita Alahan) has helped to launch a wristband being sold by Oxfam in support of the Make Poverty History campaign.

Pat Phoenix, This is Your Life

The famous red ‘This Is Your Life’ book given to Coronation Street actress Pat Phoenix (our Elsie Tanner) has been donated to a charity shop in Greater Manchester.

The book will be auctioned on September 17, potentially for thousands of pounds, to help care for people in a hospice.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mystery Photo

I just can’t seem to stump you lot. I’m sure you’ll have his identity figured out in no time. If you think you know who this is, post your answers in the ‘comments’ section.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Coronation Street Rose

Samia Ghadie (our Maria Sutherland) and Alan Halsall (our Tyrone Dobbs) are unveiling a new rose today at the Southport Flower Show. The ‘Coronation Street Rose’ is a red floribunda created in honour of ITV’s 50th anniversary.

Orders can now be placed for delivery of the rose next spring.

To order a rose, priced £10 plus postage and packing, email or write to Coronation Street Rose, Southport Flower Show, Victoria Park, Southport, PR8 2BZ.

Inquiring Corrie Canuck minds wonder if they recited Ken Barlow’s ode to Deirdre at the launch….

A rose by any other name but Deirdre is not a rose at all
A shoulder to cry on
And beneath, two arms to steer me
My safety net to catch me lest I fall
My north, my east, my south and west
My safety buoy, my life vest
I close my eyes and sniff her heady scent
For yes, a rose by any other name but Deirdre
Surely is not a rose at all.

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Who’s a naughty boy then?


Post your caption in the comments section for this photo of Mike and Deirdre.

The Coronation Street Drinking Game

Those of you who are new to Corrie Canuck may have missed this little gem from our Shatnerian. With the weekend upon us, it’s only fitting that we bring it back out for a spin. Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses to the Coronation Street Drinking Game!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Little Pony

Kate Ford (our Tracy Barlow) reunited with her childhood pony at Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

CBC Coronation Street Scheduling Update

Beginning NEXT WEEK, 2 episodes of Coronation Street will air Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.

On Thursday, Coronation Street Specials will air from 6:30 – 7:30 pm followed by one 1 episode of Coronation Street from 7:30 – 8:00 pm.

Source: Scroll bar on last night’s episode of Coronation Street. (It didn’t say anything about how long this schedule will be in effect or the content of the Specials. No info yet on what time the Sunday omnibus will start.)

THIS WEEK, there will be a Coronation Street Special on Thursday night (August 18) from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.

This Coronation Street Special will also air on Sunday (August 21) from 10:00 – 11:00 am following the regular Corrie omnibus.

Source: CBC website Program Guide

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Morrissey’s Coronation Street

Morrissey (former lead singer of The Smiths) was born in Manchester and grew up dreaming he would someday be on Coronation Street. At the age of 12, he was trying his hand at writing scripts for Corrie. In an interview with Record Mirror, he recalls his attempts at scriptwriting, "I think the crux of the best script was them planting a juke box in the Rovers - much to the obvious horror of the regulars who, for some unknown reason, oppose any kind of change in their lives. Naturally, the story lines were rejected. I think there were a couple of divorces in there somewhere. A few deaths - the odd strangulation thrown in."

His book, ‘Morrissey's Manchester: The Essential Smiths Tour’ is a complete guide to the Mancunian landmarks which influenced Morrissey and The Smiths. Locations featured in the book include Granada Studios: home of Coronation Street.

In 1985, Blitz secured an interview with Pat Phoenix (our Elsie Tanner and Prime Minister Tony Blair’s late mother-in-law) but with one condition – Pat should be allowed to choose her own interviewer. She chose Morrissey. She insisted his photograph go on the cover of the magazine instead of one of them together.

According to David Bret’s book ‘Morrissey: Scandal and Passion” Pat Phoenix said of Morrissey, “He’s an astute, gentle young man, good-looking, intelligent, sincere. Mark my word, he’ll go a long way in life.”

Pat Phoenix was the cover girl for Shakespeare's Sister.

Coronation Street is mentioned in the lyrics of ‘Another Rainy Day in Manchester,’ songwriter Dan Treacy's tribute to Morrissey.

Sunita’s in the Slammer

During her stint in the big house, our Sunita will have limited clothing options. It’s a question that even the likes of Martha Stewart faced at one time. What does the fashionable inmate wear in the clink?

Luckily, Sunita looks good in orange.

Maya, on the other hand, should give up her lady lawyer suits for a more tailored jacket.

No Totty Today

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's a Pretty Sad State of Affairs

When you need ME to bring back some sense of decency to the site.

Boobie talk:

1) I especially like the way Les's ribs show. YUM!

2) I'm all for boobies. In fact, can I take this opportunity to remind you of my boobie run - clickez ici. MJ has already generously supported me and if anyone else would like to join in, I'll gladly dedicate 1/4K of my run to your favorite set Corrie boobs.

Now, my apologies for not being in touch. Big changes at work and right now I am under the ownership of a large german. But I'm hoping he'll trade me for a race horse and I can get back to corrie blogging - and indeed Corrie watching (I MISSED LAST WEEK'S!)

Prodigal Corrie Daughter.

Introducing Roy Cropper

Yesterday we saw the introduction of Royston (Roy) Cropper on Country Canada’s Coronation Street Classics.

Roy (played by David Nielson) first shows up on Coronation Street in 1995. He lives in the top flat of Mike Baldwin’s investment flats on Crimea Street. Deirdre has moved in as caretaker of the building. She’s hoovering the hallway when Roy comes down the stairs with …. drum roll please … his shopping bag! (The bag that Roy carries around to this day belonged to David Neilson’s mum, who died just before he joined Corrie.)

Apparently Hayley doesn’t appear until 1998. What will Roy get up to in the meantime?

(Roy then.)

(Roy now.)

Just when I was thinking it’s time someone started up a Roy Cropper Appreciation Society, I discovered The Roy Cropper Fan Club. Drop by and help Roy feel the love.

More Male Totty!

The Breast Pride posting (below) will cause an uproar with Corrie Canuck’s insatiable female readers if I don’t balance it out with some male totty. “Fair play,” as Jim McDonald would say.

So without further ado, I give you, in Dan LaRocque’s words, “The handsomest man in all Weatherfield.”

Note to Jacqueline: Will you please come back before this site sinks to unknown levels of depravity what with all the T&A and gratuitous totty? Decent folk will be put off their tea.

Brits Celebrate National Breast Pride Week

From August 15-19 do your bit to participate in “an intelligent celebration of big boobs.” It’s the first-ever National Breast Pride Week. It arrives just in time, as it seems that British women are getting bigger.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Reading, Writing, and the Rovers

Soap opera addicts are being offered the chance to gain a GCSE-level qualification for watching the likes of EastEnders and Coronation Street.

Courses such as Basic Skills in TV Soaps are based on improving literacy and numeracy skills through the analysis of television soaps.

No word yet on whether they’ll hire Maya to teach smirking, eye rolling, jar smashing, and flat trashing.

ITV Soap Challenge

If ever there was a reason to move to Manchester, this is it. And this looks like fun too.

CBC Locks Out Employees

The CBC locked out about 5,500 employees at 12:01 a.m.

Coronation Street should not be affected but we’ll keep you updated.

Kate Ford’s Pulling Problem Revisited

Tara Palmer Tomkinson to the rescue.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kate Ford’s Pulling Problem

Coronation Street star Kate Ford has complained that men are scared of her.

The actress revealed that she is unlucky in love because potential boyfriends worry that she could be like her on-screen character, bitchy Tracy Barlow.

"Playing Tracy hasn't done my love life any favours," Ford told the Daily Star. "I definitely don't get chatted up any more because I'm on telly.

"Most men just think it's hilarious to shout at me from car windows. They scream, 'Oi! Tracy!' or 'How's Deirdre?' That's the closest I get to chat-up lines. Maybe Tracy puts guys off 'cos people do have a habit of assuming you're just like your character, and Tracy can be a right bitch."

Corrie Canuck readers may recall that Kate Ford was a special guest at Truckfest in Scotland last weekend. If you can’t pull at Truckfest, honey you can’t pull anywhere.

What you need Kate, is a talisman. Something to enchant and entice the opposite sex. Perhaps a lucky piece of clothing?

Les has his lucky pulling jacket . . .

Dev has his pulling glasses . . .

Suggestions welcome for Kate’s lucky pulling piece in the ‘comments’ section

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Nutmegging Ashley Peacock

Corrie stars take to the football field today in Galway.

In A Lather Over New British Drink Laws

Plans to relax drinking laws in England and Wales will lead to a sharp increase in violent crime, judges have warned.

North Wales Police deputy chief Clive Wolfendale feels the cost of alcohol should be trebled to discourage binge drinking.

“The sight of young men and women urinating the street, fighting paralytic in the gutter is not part of a civilised society.”

Friday, August 12, 2005

CBC Files Lockout Notice

No word yet on how this could affect regular programming.

From Streetcars to Stock Cars

BATTERSby batters the crowds. Bruce Jones (our Les Battersby) takes to the oval.

Mystery Photo

Think you know who this is? Post your answers in the ‘comments’ section.