Friday, July 01, 2005

Wednesday's Episode (Late)

Okay....Wednesday's episode...

Tracey offered to give Steve and Karen some of Amy's old clothes including one that said, 'Daddy's Little Girl'. So of course there was the usual egging on by Tracey and Karen reacting. Karen also let Tracey know that she wasn't pregnant which gave Tracey an opportunity to call her 'barren'. Liz kept out of it, but seemed to feel bad for Karen.

Charlie somehow sneaked his way into Shel's place - someone how he convinced her to ask him to move was weird. Anyway, she gets Jason to move Liz's stuff to another room without letting Liz know. There was a big scene with Liz in tears and Shel saying, 'too bad, so sad'. I'm not such a Liz fan, but I thought that was a bit rough.

The squirrels vacated the Elliots' home and ran right into Tommy's place. Fred is playing dumb when Angela complains about the infestation at their house. Claire and Ashly are not happy about lying.

Tyrone found out about Maria and Jamie (oh I'm so glad I'm not the only he was getting his hair cut, I was, 'Okay, this guy isn't attractive.')

I think that's it...I can't remember anything terribly exciting about the show.

Anyway, I'm off to the United States of America on Sunday and won't have Corrie access, so Uta's volunteered to give us updates (you rock, Uta!).

So whereever you are, have fun, eat lots of food, watch fireworks, wave a flag, have some poutine and celebrate this great, big, sexy country! (I'm so happy to be a Canuck this week, I could just plotz!)

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Mrs. Mystic said...

when oh when does that cow Tracy get her come-uppance? does anybody know? i don't think i can stand the suspense anymore.....