Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Update July 11, 2005

So last night’s episode had Shelly telling Liz that she was out of a job and lodging because Shel has decided to believe Charlie’s version of the events. Personally, I don’t thing Shel really believes it, I think she just doesn’t want to admit that she’s once again hooked up with the wrong man.

(Don’t worry Shel darling, we’ll have our interventions done at the same time).

Anyway, Fred stepped in and offered Liz her job back, but she refused because she realizes that things will never be kosher between her and Shel and also because Charlie gives her the creeps.

Lots of talk of Jim lately, eh. Are we bound to see his Toronto Blue Jays clad self on our screen in the near future?

Liz goes over to Steve and Karen’s to stay for a few days and Karen quickly starts in on her and saying she can’t stay – but Steve jumps in and says that Liz is his mom and is definitely staying.

Speaking of getting a set….Kev actually found his. (sorry for the crudeness). After Sally outright said that Sophie couldn’t have a pet without consulting him, Kev told her that it would have to be a joint decision and that he wouldn’t put up with her making decisions for the both of them.

So instead of a dog, Sophie gets a guinea pig.


Jacqueline throws confetti in the air in honour of the ‘dog substitute’ pet.

I’m also kind of upset that Sally called off their anniversary dinner for a kid’s pizza party. Pay some attention to your husband, woman!

Kev, you have my full blessing to go out and have an affair.

Les wasn’t quite swallowing Cilla’s song and dance about going to Bingo with a friend, so Fizz convinced him to go to the Bingo hall and spy on her. Good plan, except Les was distracted by this woman, who by all appearances may be a direct descent of the guy who played ‘Jack’ on “On The Buses’.

Cilla catches him and it’s discovered that ‘Jackie’ is close friend of Cilla’s and tells her about Les hitting on her. Cilla ends up giving her the ‘Status Quo’ collection that she was going to give Les. (what the hell is a ‘status quo’, btw?)

Maya met up with Frankie for lunch and while they were there, the cab driver who drove Maya and ‘Unknown Star Trek Crew Member’ to their wedding spotted them. He came up and started going on about ‘how’s married life?’, etc.

Maya fluffed it off, but you could tell Frankie was getting worried. I really do think Frankie just has bad judgment when it comes to people. Maybe she could be part of the intervention also.


John said...

Status Quo were a hard rocking group from the 1970's and 1980's. Basically they're the April Wine of Britain. They opened up the 1985 Live Aid show in London and at Live 8 this year, Coldplay gave them a shout out by singing a bit from their tune "Rocking All Over the World." Very little surprise that they'd be Les Battersby's favourite band.

Unofficial Website.

Anonymous said...

>>"Kev, you have my full blessing to go out and have an affair.""

LOL Nice one Jac, I was thinking the same thing. Many others have had many mlore affairs with less of an excuse than having to deal with Sally F'n Webster. Kev gets NO PLAY whatsoever and that ain't right.

BTW...glad to be back y'all. Vacations are nice but far too short.


MJ said...

Remember when all Les's furniture got carted off to the dump? His Status Quo LPs were in there too. So off he goes to the dump and is thrilled to find one of his Quo albums only to discover a Des O'Connor LP inside the sleeve of the album.

Anonymous said...

After that episode I did a search online for the "Quo". I had thought they were just made up for the sake of the show. They rock OUT!!