Thursday, July 21, 2005

Update for July 20th

Seriously, just when I thought the show couldn't get any better, someone on the show finally decided to take down some of the GOD AWFUL wallpaper that seems to have taken over the homes on Corrie St.

Thank you Ashley and Claire, God bless you.

In a sweeping move of hutzpah, Tracey decides to pose as Penny during Ciaran's meeting with that Frank guy to sell the place. I can't repeat what I was yelling at the t.v. with that stunt. She is truly one evil bitch. really.

Anyway, they have the meeting at the restaurant and guess who walks in? That's right Penny and Mike to come have dinner.

Tracey, though evil, is one clever lady and told Ciaran to take care of Penny and Mike while she dealt with Frank.

But oh no! Mike knows Frank and comes over to the table to talk to him!!

Tracey pretends that she is they're on a romantic dinner with Frank and tells Mike to shove off. She then tells Frank that Ciaran is embarrased about the sale and could he keep it quiet.


So they sell the restaurant and Tracey forges Penny's signature. Later Ciaran breaks the news to Penny the bad news and she, of course, loses it.

In love with that bar girl and takes her home for dinner, where Eileen seems to be pretty happy about this relationship.

What the hell is gamon, btw?

Everyone and their brother knocked themselves out to show Fred that they were the most romantic couple on the street. Including a new tatoo for Kirk-eh, that says, 'I Love Fez'.

Ken wrote a really lovely poem for Deidre along the lines of 'A rose by any other name than Deidre is no rose.'

Fred, meanwhile, figured out how much a trip for two to Paris would cost and quickly announced that he meant the Paris Hotel in Bridlington.

In the end, Ashely proposed to Claire in the middle of the Rovers, she accepted and Fred burst into tears and gave them the trip.


So Dev went over to her parents to see if he could mend all the wounds and convince them to come to the wedding. (This kind of put him in my book as 'most marriagble' guy on the street.)

This all went to hell and while mom listen to him, in the end everyone was just as upset. I did think, however, that mom had a point when she said that it wasn't that Sunita didn't marry the guy that they had picked out, it was more that Sunita couldn't come to her to tell her what was wrong.

Anyway, when Sunita found out she was mighty cross with Dev for jepordizing the relationship she had with her brother.

I dunno...I'm thinking Dev is a pretty sweet for caring that much.

Is still in love with Maria.


Anonymous said...

gammon MAINLY UK

noun {U} (US USUALLY ham)
meat taken from the back leg or side of a pig and preserved with smoke or salt


Jacqueline said...

that sounds kind of good - and I don't like the meats that much. Well, I like them, it's just they don't like me. So I on sentence, I'm just typing whatever the hell comes into my head.

Anonymous said...

mmmm...salted poooorrrrk


Jacqueline said...

you know what i discovered in Panama?



Anonymous said...

eek...just the thougth of deep fried pork skin makes me cringe...

Although it is probably very delish and i would more than likely try it if ever i was offered some. "Try anything once" ya know.


Jacqueline said...

It's amazing what I will and won't eat.

Escargot, fried pork skin, sushi, brussel sprouts - OUI!

Calamari, fresh water fish, pork roast, duck - NON!

My brain is a mysterious being.

Anonymous said...

I read in a Nigella Lawson cookbook that gammon is what they call the meat before it's cooked, which after it's cooked they then call it ham. I happen to have my cookbook handy (anyone hungry?)

"When the ham's had it's time (and ham it is, now it's cooked, though it's true Americans call it ham from it's uncooked state)..."

The recipe is for Ham in Coca Cola, which I've made a few times now and everyone is surprised at how delicious it is.


SHAZZIE said...

Gammon is a ham steak, and is bloody yummy with pineapple...loyal corrie watcher

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny when Jase picked up the pineapple chunks instead of rings for the gammon.

My grams used to make a yummy ham steak with pineapple rings...mmmmm