Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tuesday Update

The Street’s newest family has packed their bags and scampered over to the Platt household. Sarah approached Tommy complaining she had heard funny noises coming from the attic. Fred and Tommy had a mini conference deciding that they would be saying nowt about their own squirrel experiences.

Poor Tyrone, he just seems to be led along in friendship with Maria, though he really does want it to be more. Fiz is trying to help by mentioning to Maria that Kirk and Tyrone are decent blokes and the type Maria should be dating.

Charlie’s interest has been sparked by Liz… could it be from the mammary display the day before? He has made some not so subtle hints at Liz while Shelly has been working out of sight at the back of the pub. Liz looks troubled everytime Charlie looks at her. Charlie had a conversation with Jason something to the effect that Liz must be gagging for it since Jim’s been in prison for the past 21/2 years. Knowing Charlie's past history with barmaids, Liz had better watch it.


LDF said...

Liz won't watch it . . . she'll go for it! LOL!

Jacqueline said...

oh charlie....oh charlie...come to canada baby.

Robin said...

Fred made a comment yesterday that Jim wasn't so bad because if it wasn't for him Ashley, Claire and Joshua would have had a watery grave.

I've only been watching for a year, anyone tell me what he meant? Or did I misunderstand? (For once Fred didn't repeat himself :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,
Last year Ashley, Claire and the baby went to the equivalent of Corrie's Riviera, Blackpool.

At the same time, Jim broke out of jail and came to Blackpool because he (rightly) suspected Liz had been messing around on him with the owner of the pub she worked at.

The cops were on to Jim, so Jim and Liz hatched a plan to steal a yacht -- complicated plot involving beautiful Bette and a dead beau -- and flee to Jim's native Ireland.

En route, they spotted a frozen Ashley, Claire and the baby stranded in a leaky rowboat on the ocean. To flee, or not to flee?

Jim stopped, of course, got caught and ended up back in jail. But he was a hero, a hero I say, for making the right choice.