Monday, July 11, 2005

Shelley needs intervention

(I'm making this a new posting just because I didn't want to leave some huge comment...)

Okay, there's this show on A&E called "Intervention", and I, for one, would like to suggest that Shelley needs a referral now! How dim do you have to be to fall for yet another guy who is lying to you? If she hadn't been with Peter, then I could kind of see it. Some of us are far too trusting, and have to be burned repeatedly before we get a little more cynical. But is she so incredibly thick that she can't see a twit when he's lying in her bed? First her mum, now Liz...and her argument is always "you're jealous." See, here's the thing: If you had a million pounds, hair down to your knees, an unlimited free supply of smokes, and owned the pub, then yeah, there'd be some envy there. But considering you're the manager of a local pub with a boyfriend who needs electrolysis to get rid of his five o'clock shadow, I'm thinking not so much.

The part I don't get is why Charlie is bothering with Shelley. Is a woman who runs a pub that desirable, or does he truly care about her? 'Cause I am not seeing it. There's no chemistry between them, and I can't see what she might offer over the other women he could pull. I'm not slaggin her, but she's really high maintenance -- insecure, needy, and whiny a lot of the times. Maybe we're not seeing the tender, intimate, lovely moments?

(As a note, I do like my men scruffy, but Charlie ain't doing it for me either. Strange...)


Mrs Mystic said...

I think the reason that Charlie is with Shelley is because she is so #$@$!! stupid and that he'll always have her on the side when all else fails - it's gotta be some kind of sick ego-thing that he can put it about to as many bimbos as possible - his colossal ego says that he's irresistible and how could any woman refuse him? no, Charlie, we're not all "gagging" for it - what a pig!

Anonymous said...

Charlie is cool! Especially when he tries to give something back to the younger generation. He's like a Big Brother showing Jas and Warrent the ropes with women.

BTW does anyone know what happened to Danny Baldwin? He seems to have gone missing lately. Back to Wheel of Fortune perhaps??