Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Sausage Appreciation Society

The running pork product commentary in Jacqueline’s update today has prompted me to post a “link” to The Sausage Appreciation Society.

Membership is free and has its privileges including ‘The Illustrated Compendium of British Sausages’, a sausage newsletter ‘The Missing Link’ (or ‘Sizzlin’ for junior members) and an exclusive membership pin badge.

Sign up now, I say, sign up now!


Anonymous said...

Totally off topic, but I saw our Frankie tonight on BBC Canada on a show called Mad About Alice;

She plays Alice's sister, Kate and with very dark hair that I wasn't feelin'.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm feelin' Frankie with whatever she decides to do with her hair. That's a fine looking woman.

And i am officially a member of the SAS. (it sounds cooler when you use and acronym, like British Special Air Sevice) Chicks'll really dig it when I lay that on 'em.