Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Quetions of the Week and Update

Question de Semaine….

Which character is most in need of an intervention?
Shelly – for obvious reasons.
Fred – for obvious reasons.
Deidre – glasses intervention
Liz – fashion intervention - Queer Eye for the Straight Barmaid
Jamie – bathing intervention

Update – July 19

Oh yes! Did you see Tracey’s face when Karen told her that her and Steve were applying for custody? Her rush out of the pub? I LOVED IT.

Tracey dumped Amy literally off at the McDonald’s door and buggered off for 3 days. While Karen has warmed up to Amy and taking on the ‘mom’ role, she was furious that Tracey just dumped her off.

She confronted Tracey in the Rovers and after Tracey did her smuggy dance and ‘Too bad Karen, it’s none of your business’ song – Karen dropped the bombshell that her and Steve would be applying for custody.

It dawned on Tracey that her track record of abandoning Amy would work against her and Steve might get her. So she ran out to get Amy and figured out that Karen was winding her up.

Karen did tell her that they were no longer interested in having Amy and Steve agreed (grudgingly). I suspect this issue will be the thing that breaks Steve and Karen up.

BTW – did I miss something? Where is Liz living? I thought she was living with them, but we haven’t seen her around.

Tracey is working her charm on Ciaran because she wants him to sell the restaurant, lie to Penny and tell her that he sold for less and with the difference, take her on a lovely holiday. (Because no on deserves a holiday more than Tracey).

He wasn’t willing to screw Penny over and accused Tracey of being opportunistic (Not Tracey!) and Tracey immediately claimed that he was being a complete jerk. She told him that she had loved him early that day and now she claimed that the one time she opened her heart – he stomped all over her emotions.

He started looking sheepish and she went from crying to smirking the minute her back was turned to him.

Ciaran wasn’t going to screw over Penny until she caught him closing the restaurant early. She told him to get back to work and called him a waster. (Like Holden Caufield’s ‘crumb bum’, Ciaran just won’t accept anyone calling him a ‘waster). Now he’s pissed and has decided to go along with Tracey’s evil plan.

Jason tossed over Candice for that new chickie behind the bar, but not before she tossed him over for that soccer playing Baldwin freak.

Fred got drunk and all soppy about the state of love in the world and made a drunken offer in the Rovers that the first couple that can show him that they have found love will get a free trip to Paris. All couples within earshot get excited. Now let’s see if he keeps the offer open once he sobers up.

Sunita’s brother came to visit with his daughter and Sunita had a long discussion with him. He said that he was going to boycott the wedding along with their parents.
This pissed Dev off, but Sunita was okay with it as long as she could have contact with her brother. She told the boys that they needed to get along and went out with her niece so that they could chat.

Dev basically started in on the wedding boycott, telling Sunita’s brother that he needed to pull the parent’s into the 21st century and then told him that Sunita would stand by him if the shoe was on the other foot.

This seem to get at the bro and when Sunita came back he told her that he would be attending the wedding.

(Jacqueline throws confetti in the air.)


kowy said...

When Liz was turfed out of the Rovers, she called her good friend Bette who is now running a pub in, um, Blackpool?, and she's off to help Bette out for a few weeks.

MJ said...

I'm getting confused by all this talk of Paris. Fred's offering a free trip to Paris this week and in last night's Classic Coronation Street, circa 1995, Billy Williams is trying to talk Betty into a weekend in Paris. Perhaps it's the Universe's way of telling me I'm watching too much telly.