Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mystery Photo

Think you can guess who this kid is? Hint: Nothing but the hairline has changed. Post your answers in the ‘comments’ section.


Jacqueline said...

It's our Steve MacDonald.

I recognize the eyes.

MJ said...

Bingo. You got it.

MissesCee said...

I knew it was Steve right away! Cutie!

kowy said...

Back when I was a teenager I had a terrible time trying to decide if it was Steve or Andrew that I had the biggest crush on.

In the end, Andrew won.
But, having seen him at Steve's wedding....I'm back to the drawing board again. Neither of them aged very well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kowy I can solve all your problems in one word...threesome.

You know... super size your MacDonald meal, so to speak.


Radmila said...

oh yeah.
I remember how cute he was in the 90's