Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Monday's update

Hi, I’m filling in for Jacqueline until tomorrow… sorry for the late post, but I just wasn’t able to get to the computer after yesterday’s episode. So here I go…

Now that Charlie is living above the Rovers, Liz has been moved to a smaller bedroom, and she is not happy. Charlie almost lost his eyesight what with the boobages hanging out of Liz’s top first thing in the morning. Fred is getting it from both Liz and Shelly about the rearranging of rooms, but as Shelly is manager – she wins.

Kevin wants to celebrate his and Sally’s 18th wedding anniversary, but of course, Sally digs her heels in and says it is only their 2nd anniversary that she doesn’t want to celebrate something that went so wrong. Rita was even trying to get her to go for the 18th, as it makes them closer to receiving silver on their 25th. Sally really gets on my nerves, she just can’t be happy or satisfied with anything. I didn’t start watching Corrie until after Sally and Kevin were divorced, but in yesterday’s episode there was some mention of an affair. Can anyone fill me in?

Liz appears in the Weatherfield News as ‘Weatherfield’s Glamorous Granny, 41 year old Liz MacDonald….” complete with photo of Liz holding Amy. (41????? yeah right) Of course, Tracy couldn’t wait to wave that in front of Karen’s face.

Forget about the skwerls…. What did you think about the cat fight between Leann and Maria? All that over Jamie? Was it worth it? Probably not, since Jamie really has no intention of dating Maria exclusively, much to her dismay. I’m not sure if she actually likes Jamie, or if she just wants to rub Leann the the wrong way. I really think that Maria is finally getting some back after the no show ‘date’ with Tyrone. When she first joined the show, the Maria character was so sweet and naive, but she certainly has changed.


Anonymous said...

Kevin had an affair about eight years ago with somone called Natalie Horrocks. She was older, a bit rough and ready, and I think a co-owner of his garage.
They ended up moving in together, and, no surprise, it got ugly between her and Sally.
I think Sally deliberately flooded her house at one point.
Kevin eventually went back to Sally (poor bugger).
Natalie ended up running/owning the pub somehow. She married a guy called Des Barnes, he died, and she was pregnant with his baby. Wanting a new life, she ended up selling the pub to Mike Baldwin, Duggie and Fred, and leaving the street.
Hmmm, sometimes it's scary what stored in one's brain...

R2K said...


LDF said...

And let us not forget Sally's others, the creepy guy (can't remember his name) and the sweet guy (Danny?). Also Kev's other wife (Alison?). I think poor Rosie and Sophie have had quite the life so far!

Anonymous said...

Yep, and there was also Martin, another one of his better-keep-this-quiet flings, and also the guy who came to paint (or was it wallpaper?) Sally's dining room.

She's always looking for sweeping romance, so she's neglecting the good thing she's already got... seeing it as ho-hum and just something she's settled for.