Sunday, July 10, 2005

Mmmmm, Kebabs...

Sally is really starting to bug me.
I mean, she's always kind of bothered me...what with her double standards, and her falling for every cock on the this whole hoity toity school plot line is making her more irritating than ever.

I wonder who Sally was expecting to show up at the door with Rosie?
Charlotte Casiraghi?
Instead, she got Pippa Popadopoulos, daughter of Kebab Proprietor.
I love how the writers made her the mirror image of Sally in ethnic form. It made her different enough for Sally not to recognize herself...but on enough for her to think about that hot shot school and Rosie.
Funny that Sally should worry about Rosie feeling the same as Pippa about her own family...hasn't she noticed?
Kevin certainly has.
Anyhow, I'm looking forward to more Pippa...

I'm loving this Liz and Charlie storyline.
He's such an asshole, and I'm loving Liz not "gagging for it" like Charlie will tell everyone she was anyway.
The sad thing is that Shelly will have to be thumped and embarrassed about 30 more times before she kicks him to the curb.

Meanwhile, Shelly falls for every stupid thing he says hook, line and sinker.
I love how Liz handled it though.

I think that she gave Shelly a good wake up call in her conversation with her.

Too bad that Shelly is too stupid, and naive to take her good, and experienced advice.
Last but not least...Are there no Employment Standard Laws in Weatherfield? Since when can you fire someone for personal reasons?
In my dreams this is a possibility...


Mrs Mystic said...

I am SO FED UP WITH THAT TWAT SHELLEY!!!! How stupid can she be? Hey baby, look at your pattern.... she always puts the man ahead of everyone else. Lucky thing she doesn't have a kid! What a classic bimbo.

Anonymous said...

I really like Shelly, but she needs to wake the f*ck up! Liz isn't someone I normally like, but from this new storyline, I am loving her! Finally a woman not stupid enough to fall for him.

And here I thought I was the only person to be annoyed by Sally. They should have killed her off ages ago. How much do I love the name, Pippa Popadopoulos!!


Jacqueline said...

I'm a woman stupid enough to fall for Charlie.

Jacqueline in need of some group therapy.

Anonymous said...

We can have an intervention for you Jacqueline, and A&E can film it for their show, Intervention.