Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Kiss and Tell

ONE in 10 Brits claims to have snogged up to 150 people during their lives.

And one in 20 reckons they have kissed more than 200.

But a new survey found that most of 3000 Brits quizzed on their snogging habits had locked lips with less than 20 people.

The poll, for dental payment plan company Denplan, found most Brits kiss their partners up to 10 times a day - while a smitten seven per cent claim to kiss their other half more than 25 times a day.

More than three-quarters reckon their partner is a good kisser but 22 per cent said their lover's technique isn't up to scratch.

Bad breath followed by food stuck in the teeth, were named as top turn-offs when it comes to kissing.

Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt was voted the star with the most kissable lips - followed by his current lover Angelina Jolie.

News Source: Daily Record.

Simon Gregson (Corrie's Steve McDonald) has a ritual for his snogging scenes: "Plenty of mouthwash and a good clean of the teeth. Afterwards, too, because I worry about getting a cold-sore." (Especially if it’s with Tracy, I imagine.)

When asked if all the snogging scenes with Steve McDonald and Joe Carter gave Suranne Jones a jawache, she replied, "It's not the snogging that gives Karen jawache. It's all that talking!"


Anonymous said...

I'm still counting but I think I am somewhere between 50 and 75. How sad is that??? Damn Brits and all that snoggin'...i think they are exaggerating.


(still counting...55, 56, oh yeah Briget, 58)

Jacqueline said...

I have no idea how many people I've 'snogged' but I'm a notorious tramp.