Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ken Complains

Coronation Street veteran Bill Roache has admitted that he is unimpressed with what the cobbles have to offer nowadays.

“I don’t like so much of what the Street is these days,” the actor told The Sun. “It’s more superficial then it used to be. When it started in 1960 it was a drama serial and a very serious one. It was highly respected. Now it’s quicker, the scenes aren’t as deep and the whole thing is lighter."

Roache, who plays old-timer Ken Barlow, continued: “Its outlook used to be serious with occasional comedy. Now it’s more comedy with occasional tragedy. But whether I personally regret that or not, I realise that if it hadn’t changed it would have become a dinosaur and died.”

Detailing his opinions on the size of the cast, he said: “It’s very demanding work these days. There are no rehearsals, you have to be word perfect and just go in a do it… The size of the cast is too much, I think.

“But because of the amount of hours we do, you need a big cast. We only had about 15 people in my day and the characters had to be well integrated before getting big storylines.”

Roache also voiced his concerns over the number of Cockney characters: “It’s a Lancashire character-based show. You don’t bet Lancashire characters in EastEnders so why have so many Cockneys on the Street?

“We’ve had Mike Baldwin long enough. And now they’re extending his family. What are they going to do, take over the Street?”

Of his life, Roache admitted that he has loved being part of the Street but would have liked to been involved in a few feature films, adding: “I think I’m too old for that now, but you never know… we’ll see.”

News Source: Digital Spy. July 25, 2005


Jacqueline said...

Yes...too many cockney accents!

Honest too God, I can barely tell the difference between the accents...e.g. the Londoners.

Unless, Prince Phillip or Angus Iain Fergus McDonald of Loch Labloch get on there, I'm freakin' clueless.

Signed - only been to England once, Jacqueline

Jacqueline said...

Oh, and there was no show last night, was there?

MJ said...

No, there wasn't any Corrie last night. Tonight and Wednesday night we have back-to-back shows from 8-9 pm. No shows on Thursday or Friday. Back to regular sked on Monday, August 1st at last.

Anonymous said...

I like the cockney accents...i like trying to pick up some of the off the cuff sayings from Danny and Frankie.

One of the visitors we had recently from England was from Manchester area and he sounded just like our Todd...hilarious!