Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Have Baked Beans, Will Travel

BRITISH holidaymakers who can't stomach foreign cuisine stock their luggage with baked beans, HP sauce and teabags, according to a survey.

A poll of 4,000 people who take food with them found 60 per cent packed teabags, 51 per cent Heinz baked beans and 46 per cent HP.

Most said it tasted different overseas. Hellmann's Mayonnaise, Pot Noodles and digestive biscuits also came high on holiday lists.

Adrian Walton of holiday firm said of its poll: "We were amazed by the number of people that still take food, despite the fact you can get it abroad."

News Source: The Mirror

Craving Brit grub? Visit Michael's British Food page for loads of photos. Chips, mushy peas, Spam fritters with curry sauce. It’s all there. Vote for your favourites.

Best of Britain supplies British expats in Canada with their biscuits and crisps. And Heinz baked beans. Tooodleeedooo!!


Anonymous said...

Our English vistors routinely complained about how everything we had tasted better at home...even when they made beans on toast they grimaced through it...i just told them they shoulda stayed home. HA


Jacqueline said...

i suddenly have a craving for hp sauce.

Hmmm - if I make it to Ireland in October, I'll be sure to bitch how everything tastes different.

You call THAT poutine?