Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Canada Day, Eh?

In honour of Canada’s 138th birthday, let’s step away from Corrie for a moment (say it ain’t so!) to visit a few Canuck diversions.

World’s Largest Pyrogy – Glendon, Alberta

Big Things: This website is dedicated to those fantastic and awe inspiring monuments built by Canadian communities to draw tourist dollars into their community. I am talking about the world's largest oilcan, the world's largest Easter egg, the world's largest (fill in the blank).

Self-proclaimed ‘map geek’ Melissa Edwards compiles the Caught Mapping series of Canadian maps for Geist magazine. View ‘The National Beer Map of Canada,’ ‘The Doughnut Map of Canada,’ and more. (You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the maps.)

Molson Canadian’s ‘The Rant’ (‘I am Canadian’) and parodies of ‘The Rant.’

Sandy McTire

Everything you wanted to know about Canadian Tire Money.

Bonne fête du Canada!

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