Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Get Ken Barlow!

Soap opera and theatre collide in this play that follows two soap opera mad brothers who hatch a kidnap plot to publicize their failing business. When the abduction of Ken Barlow doesn't go as planned, the boys are not quite sure what to do with their celebrity hostage. Could they demand a ransom from Granada Television? Should they at least remove the bag from over his head?

Get Ken Barlow runs at the Watford Palace Theatre until July 16.


Anonymous said...

Hi, the link says one of the play's actors, Andrew Grose, was a Corrie regular.
Anyone know who he might be/have been on the street? It doesn't ring any bells with me.
I am very much enjoying these links. This is a great, funny site!
I thoroughly agree with your recent Jamie comments.
Does he look so scruffy because his dark all-day five o'clock shadow collides viciously with his 'natural' blonde hair?

MJ said...

I had no idea who Andrew Grose played so I checked the Corrie.net site and found the answer.

He played a character named Tim Munson,"a worker at the Benefits Agency, who helped Spider Nugent get a job, despite Spider's reservations. Tim revealed that he too was an anarchist, working against the system, and he was in fact, the famed 'Ganja Timmy' of the Diddlebury by-pass protest."

So now we know. Looks like he wasn't on the set long.

I wonder how I can work the word "Diddlebury" into future posts?

Anonymous said...

I would toss it randomly in the middle of sentences as often as you want. :0)
I remember that story line with Spider, who eventually began working at the benefits office. He quit very soon though, which means Diddlebury this guy was on the show for maybe a month.
I don't think any of Andrew Grose's scenes involved Ken... they were all at the office.
Thanks for checking it out.

MJ said...

Always a pleasure to assist a Corrie Diddlebury Canuck reader.