Monday, July 18, 2005


Post a caption in the comments section for this photo of Suranne Jones (our Karen McDonald.)


Anonymous said...

"A Bacon sarnie??? Don't you know how that grease burns when you 'aven't got yer kit on??"


Jacqueline said... they have a whole different set of rules for celebrity pics in Britain? I'm trying imagine Sandra Bullock or Nicole Kidman doing this pose.

Okay dear, 'ere just put on this, love, nothing else, just the apron.

MissesCee said...

She looks she were my waitress...I would leave - fast!

John said...

Roy Cropper wasn't open to Karen's ideas for a new waitress uniform at his local café.

MissesCee said...

This picture makes me wonder - how did a guy like Steve ever land a girl like Karen?

fathead said...

"If you're thinkin' dine and dash love, you best think again!"