Thursday, July 07, 2005

Corrie’s Winning Wedding

Champagne corks are popping on Coronation Street after the long running soap won yet another high profile plaudit.

The latest award comes from top telly magazine What's on TV and recognises the zaniest wedding to have entertained the UK's soap viewers.

The winning choice proved to be the disaster-strewn, like-father-like-son love tangle at the 2000 nuptials of Mike Baldwin, played by Johnny Briggs.

Corrie's thrilling scene centred around Mike's illegitimate son Mark Redman, played by Paul Fox, springing the shocking surprise that he had been sleeping with the bride-to-be, Linda Sykes, played so brilliantly by Jacqueline Pirie.

A massive 60 per cent of voters chose this as their favourite disastrous soap wedding ceremony.

Source: Yabedo. July 6, 2005


anyone said...

I have to say Linda is one character that I really miss seeing on the 'Street'.

Radmila said...

I thought Karen and Steves renups were pretty good too...what with tracy and everything