Monday, July 18, 2005

Corrie’s 10 Downing Street Connection

Connection #1: British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a big Coronation Street fan. He describes Corrie as “one of my favourite TV programmes” and a “great British institution.”

Connection #2: Tony Blair visited the set of Coronation Street this year and shared a pint at the Rovers with Fred Elliott and Les Battersby.

(left to right: Vera, Maria, Tony Blair, Tyrone)

Connection #3: Tony Blair threw his weight behind the campaign to "free Deirdre Rachid” after she was imprisoned for fraud.

Connection #4: Tony Blair’s mother-in-law was Pat Phoenix who played the role of Elsie Tanner on Corrie from 1960-1984. Pat Phoenix married Cherie Blair’s father Anthony Booth shortly before she died of lung cancer in 1986.

Pat Phoenix (our Elsie Tanner)


Anonymous said...

whoa...they better not even think of cancelling the show.


John said...

So, are we Canadian viewers going to see this visit by Tony Blair? Was it actually incorporated into an episode?

MJ said...

Tony Blair won't be in any Corrie episodes as far as I know. He toured the set of Coronation Street as part of a meet and greet session with local community heroes from around the Manchester region.