Monday, July 25, 2005

Corrie Canuck Salutes Sudbury

It has come to Corrie Canuck’s attention that some of our readers were born in Sudbury or live in Sudbury. Join us as we present a tribute to all our Sudburian readers.


Jacqueline said...

I am from Surrey....

I don't have a car on my lawn.
I don't have a mullet.
I've never been involved with a drug related incident.
My 'good clothes' have been used for more than court appearances.

I am from Surrey.

Anonymous said...'s all so true


Mrs. Mystic said...

er well that tribute was pretty good actually i have to admit.... i do go to camp, we do have a sauna (because we're Finns), my Dad used to work for Inco (he died 2 years ago) and yes i used to eat moose all winter long (cuz Dad went hunting and it was cheaper than buying beef in the winter esp. if he was on strike)....
and yes all the guys in my highschool played hockey and if you didn't you were a nerd....(i could use a couple other words however post-sudbury I am now more civilized)