Sunday, July 31, 2005

Our Sean Gay Bashed

Note: The link below to a news item contains a small spoiler about a plotline. If you want to read the article yet avoid the spoiler, don’t read past the following paragraphs:

"Bouncers on the door of the club came to his rescue. If they hadn't been there, he would have taken a serious beating."

Innocent Antony flew to Cyprus on holiday the following day and reassured Granada TV bosses that he was OK following the attack.

Click here for article.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Have a Nice Day, UK

Brits think July 30 will be the best day of the year.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Regular Programming Resumes Soon

Please, make it stop.

Regular programming resumes on Monday, August 1. Coronation Street can be seen on CBC at 7:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. (And, as usual, on Sunday mornings.)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Haunted Coronation Street

Remember the Corrie episode where Norris suspects the Kabin is haunted and holds a séance with Rita, Blanche and Betty?

In a case of life imitating art, Corrie bosses organized a séance on set after several employees claimed to have had eerie encounters at Granada studios.
Psychics were summoned after staff complained of inexplicable noises, bumps and drops in temperature.

The candlelit session lasted seven hours during the night, and was attended by Sue Cleaver (our Eileen Grimshaw) and Simon Gregson (our Steve McDonald) and other Corrie staff.

This isn’t the first ghost-busting on the set. Psychics were brought in five years ago after people claimed they had seen the ghost of former character Ena Sharples.

And in a case of art imitating life, Corrie's most recent seance was filmed for Living TV show 'Most Haunted' and will be screened later this year.

No news as to whether or not the Ouija board techniques scared away the spirits. Maybe they should call in Charlie Stubbs the builder. Afterall, wasn’t it a cracked wall causing all those ghostly goings-on in the Kabin?

Read about previous paranormal phenomena on the Street here.


Got a caption for this photo of Audrey Roberts? Post it in the 'comments' section.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Ann Montini of Sky News reports that Kate Ford, who plays toxic Tracy Barlow in Corrie, reveals that when you see her charging around the cobbles with her baby Amy in the buggy, it is in fact a doll.

She laughs: "Can you imagine if it was real? I mean she would suffer from headaches all the time but Tracy is so headstrong she thinks of no one but herself."

Mystery Photo

Think you know who this is? Post your answers in the ‘comments’ section.

Have Baked Beans, Will Travel

BRITISH holidaymakers who can't stomach foreign cuisine stock their luggage with baked beans, HP sauce and teabags, according to a survey.

A poll of 4,000 people who take food with them found 60 per cent packed teabags, 51 per cent Heinz baked beans and 46 per cent HP.

Most said it tasted different overseas. Hellmann's Mayonnaise, Pot Noodles and digestive biscuits also came high on holiday lists.

Adrian Walton of holiday firm said of its poll: "We were amazed by the number of people that still take food, despite the fact you can get it abroad."

News Source: The Mirror

Craving Brit grub? Visit Michael's British Food page for loads of photos. Chips, mushy peas, Spam fritters with curry sauce. It’s all there. Vote for your favourites.

Best of Britain supplies British expats in Canada with their biscuits and crisps. And Heinz baked beans. Tooodleeedooo!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

World’s Sexiest Cities

Manchester snagged a handful of votes for ‘World's Most Gay-Friendly City’ (hello Canal Street!) but was beat out by San Francisco (no contest there, really.)

Oh look! There’s Montreal with 12 per cent of the vote for ‘World's Most Fetish-Friendly City’ but alas, Berlin takes that honour. Read more World’s Sexiest Cities at Gridskipper.

Kiss and Tell

ONE in 10 Brits claims to have snogged up to 150 people during their lives.

And one in 20 reckons they have kissed more than 200.

But a new survey found that most of 3000 Brits quizzed on their snogging habits had locked lips with less than 20 people.

The poll, for dental payment plan company Denplan, found most Brits kiss their partners up to 10 times a day - while a smitten seven per cent claim to kiss their other half more than 25 times a day.

More than three-quarters reckon their partner is a good kisser but 22 per cent said their lover's technique isn't up to scratch.

Bad breath followed by food stuck in the teeth, were named as top turn-offs when it comes to kissing.

Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt was voted the star with the most kissable lips - followed by his current lover Angelina Jolie.

News Source: Daily Record.

Simon Gregson (Corrie's Steve McDonald) has a ritual for his snogging scenes: "Plenty of mouthwash and a good clean of the teeth. Afterwards, too, because I worry about getting a cold-sore." (Especially if it’s with Tracy, I imagine.)

When asked if all the snogging scenes with Steve McDonald and Joe Carter gave Suranne Jones a jawache, she replied, "It's not the snogging that gives Karen jawache. It's all that talking!"

Ken Complains

Coronation Street veteran Bill Roache has admitted that he is unimpressed with what the cobbles have to offer nowadays.

“I don’t like so much of what the Street is these days,” the actor told The Sun. “It’s more superficial then it used to be. When it started in 1960 it was a drama serial and a very serious one. It was highly respected. Now it’s quicker, the scenes aren’t as deep and the whole thing is lighter."

Roache, who plays old-timer Ken Barlow, continued: “Its outlook used to be serious with occasional comedy. Now it’s more comedy with occasional tragedy. But whether I personally regret that or not, I realise that if it hadn’t changed it would have become a dinosaur and died.”

Detailing his opinions on the size of the cast, he said: “It’s very demanding work these days. There are no rehearsals, you have to be word perfect and just go in a do it… The size of the cast is too much, I think.

“But because of the amount of hours we do, you need a big cast. We only had about 15 people in my day and the characters had to be well integrated before getting big storylines.”

Roache also voiced his concerns over the number of Cockney characters: “It’s a Lancashire character-based show. You don’t bet Lancashire characters in EastEnders so why have so many Cockneys on the Street?

“We’ve had Mike Baldwin long enough. And now they’re extending his family. What are they going to do, take over the Street?”

Of his life, Roache admitted that he has loved being part of the Street but would have liked to been involved in a few feature films, adding: “I think I’m too old for that now, but you never know… we’ll see.”

News Source: Digital Spy. July 25, 2005

Monday, July 25, 2005

Norris Stops Traffic

"It was absolutely brilliant. The police had to close off the street for about half an hour because of the crowds."

Google Logo Maker

Corrie Canuck Google-style logo created by Logogle.

The Best of Coronation Street 1970-1979

‘The Best of Coronation Street 1970-1979’ features 80 key episodes from the 1970s in a 10-disc DVD box set, representing the very best of the episodes from the 1970s. It will be available to buy at £99.99 from Network DVD as of July 25. ‘Tis a pity that it’s in PAL format, i.e. incompatible with many North American DVD players.

Key events in this box set include:
The marriages of Ernie Bishop and Emily, Maggie and Ron, Ray and Deirdre, Len Fairclough and Rita, Alf and Renee and Brian Tilsley and Gail.
Hilda holding a séance.
Stan Ogden being ostracized from the street for a crime he didn't commit.
Alf being made mayor.
Lynne's murder.
Bankruptcy of the Bishops.
Deirdre being assaulted under the viaduct.
The warehouse being burnt down and two bodies being discovered in the ruins.
Mavis almost tricked into marrying Carlos.
A lorry full of timber crashing into the Rovers.
Bet being found bleeding and unconscious in the street.

Read about the box set in The Times.

Corrie Canuck Salutes Sudbury

It has come to Corrie Canuck’s attention that some of our readers were born in Sudbury or live in Sudbury. Join us as we present a tribute to all our Sudburian readers.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Post a caption in the comments section for this photo of Rita and Norris.

Raquel Gets Her Kit Off

Former Coronation Street star Sarah Lancashire (our Raquel) is set to play stripper Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls at London's Piccadilly Theatre.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mystery Photo

Who’s that lady? This should be an easy one. Honestleh. Post your answers in the ‘comments’ section.

Friday, July 22, 2005

All this talk of booze...

reminds me.....

When the HELL do you guys want to do a Toronto pub night? (Can we get Pamer out to it?)

If the Toronto group doesn't happen, I'm going to go out to Montreal and stir up trouble there.

Let me know what days are good for you.

Corrie is Top Soap for Boozing

CORONATION STREET residents are Britain's biggest soap boozers, according to a survey.

A staggering 139 units of alcohol were drunk on the programme in the last two weeks of June.

And Corrie's Danny Baldwin was the biggest soap boozer, knocking back three whiskies and cokes and two bottles of wine at son James' birthday party.

Inside Soap magazine monitored booze consumption in all the soaps.

Corrie's 139 units - downed at brewer Newton and Ridley's Rovers Return - was only two ahead of ratings rival EastEnders.

They were well ahead of their third-placed Emmerdale counterparts, where Woolpack boozers knocked back 128 units.

Only 98 units were sunk in Hollyoaks while Family Affairs had just 54 units.

Inside Soap editor Steven Murphy said' The hottest action in soapland always takes place in the local pub, with drink fuelling every possible kind of fight or affair.

'We decided to have a bit of fun and see which soap really is the worst offender for drunken revelry.'

Corrie's Blanche Hunt was seen downing six gins while Emily Bishop showed she can still keep up the pace with five sherries.

Cheeky EastEnder Danny Moon downed eight bottles of beer, four neat whiskies and three cans of lager in preparation for a punch-up with Johnny Allen. He was the only soap character to be shown suffering from a hangover.

Troubled Chrissie Watts shared three bottles of wine, a bottle of whisky and a bottle of champagne.

And despite her insistence she would 'rather drink tap water', Pauline Fowler knocked back two cocktails.

Matthew King was Emmerdale's top boozer, downing 22 units over two weeks, followed by Andy Sugden.

Ben Davies slurped eight pints of lager on his way to becoming Hollyoaks' heaviest drinker.

A Coronation Street spokeswoman said: 'As in any soap, the local pub is the epicentre of all drama and this goes to show that the Rovers Return is still the most popular pub in Britain, even if it doesn't serve real alcohol.

Article source: The Daily Record. July 21, 2005

I’ll drink to that, I say, I’ll drink to that.

Hairnet Update

Ena Sharples' hairnet sold at auction for £61.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Sausage Appreciation Society

The running pork product commentary in Jacqueline’s update today has prompted me to post a “link” to The Sausage Appreciation Society.

Membership is free and has its privileges including ‘The Illustrated Compendium of British Sausages’, a sausage newsletter ‘The Missing Link’ (or ‘Sizzlin’ for junior members) and an exclusive membership pin badge.

Sign up now, I say, sign up now!

Update for July 20th

Seriously, just when I thought the show couldn't get any better, someone on the show finally decided to take down some of the GOD AWFUL wallpaper that seems to have taken over the homes on Corrie St.

Thank you Ashley and Claire, God bless you.

In a sweeping move of hutzpah, Tracey decides to pose as Penny during Ciaran's meeting with that Frank guy to sell the place. I can't repeat what I was yelling at the t.v. with that stunt. She is truly one evil bitch. really.

Anyway, they have the meeting at the restaurant and guess who walks in? That's right Penny and Mike to come have dinner.

Tracey, though evil, is one clever lady and told Ciaran to take care of Penny and Mike while she dealt with Frank.

But oh no! Mike knows Frank and comes over to the table to talk to him!!

Tracey pretends that she is they're on a romantic dinner with Frank and tells Mike to shove off. She then tells Frank that Ciaran is embarrased about the sale and could he keep it quiet.


So they sell the restaurant and Tracey forges Penny's signature. Later Ciaran breaks the news to Penny the bad news and she, of course, loses it.

In love with that bar girl and takes her home for dinner, where Eileen seems to be pretty happy about this relationship.

What the hell is gamon, btw?

Everyone and their brother knocked themselves out to show Fred that they were the most romantic couple on the street. Including a new tatoo for Kirk-eh, that says, 'I Love Fez'.

Ken wrote a really lovely poem for Deidre along the lines of 'A rose by any other name than Deidre is no rose.'

Fred, meanwhile, figured out how much a trip for two to Paris would cost and quickly announced that he meant the Paris Hotel in Bridlington.

In the end, Ashely proposed to Claire in the middle of the Rovers, she accepted and Fred burst into tears and gave them the trip.


So Dev went over to her parents to see if he could mend all the wounds and convince them to come to the wedding. (This kind of put him in my book as 'most marriagble' guy on the street.)

This all went to hell and while mom listen to him, in the end everyone was just as upset. I did think, however, that mom had a point when she said that it wasn't that Sunita didn't marry the guy that they had picked out, it was more that Sunita couldn't come to her to tell her what was wrong.

Anyway, when Sunita found out she was mighty cross with Dev for jepordizing the relationship she had with her brother.

I dunno...I'm thinking Dev is a pretty sweet for caring that much.

Is still in love with Maria.

Punters Betting on Corrie

Let the betting begin.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mystery Photo

Think you can guess who this kid is? Hint: Nothing but the hairline has changed. Post your answers in the ‘comments’ section.

Quetions of the Week and Update

Question de Semaine….

Which character is most in need of an intervention?
Shelly – for obvious reasons.
Fred – for obvious reasons.
Deidre – glasses intervention
Liz – fashion intervention - Queer Eye for the Straight Barmaid
Jamie – bathing intervention

Update – July 19

Oh yes! Did you see Tracey’s face when Karen told her that her and Steve were applying for custody? Her rush out of the pub? I LOVED IT.

Tracey dumped Amy literally off at the McDonald’s door and buggered off for 3 days. While Karen has warmed up to Amy and taking on the ‘mom’ role, she was furious that Tracey just dumped her off.

She confronted Tracey in the Rovers and after Tracey did her smuggy dance and ‘Too bad Karen, it’s none of your business’ song – Karen dropped the bombshell that her and Steve would be applying for custody.

It dawned on Tracey that her track record of abandoning Amy would work against her and Steve might get her. So she ran out to get Amy and figured out that Karen was winding her up.

Karen did tell her that they were no longer interested in having Amy and Steve agreed (grudgingly). I suspect this issue will be the thing that breaks Steve and Karen up.

BTW – did I miss something? Where is Liz living? I thought she was living with them, but we haven’t seen her around.

Tracey is working her charm on Ciaran because she wants him to sell the restaurant, lie to Penny and tell her that he sold for less and with the difference, take her on a lovely holiday. (Because no on deserves a holiday more than Tracey).

He wasn’t willing to screw Penny over and accused Tracey of being opportunistic (Not Tracey!) and Tracey immediately claimed that he was being a complete jerk. She told him that she had loved him early that day and now she claimed that the one time she opened her heart – he stomped all over her emotions.

He started looking sheepish and she went from crying to smirking the minute her back was turned to him.

Ciaran wasn’t going to screw over Penny until she caught him closing the restaurant early. She told him to get back to work and called him a waster. (Like Holden Caufield’s ‘crumb bum’, Ciaran just won’t accept anyone calling him a ‘waster). Now he’s pissed and has decided to go along with Tracey’s evil plan.

Jason tossed over Candice for that new chickie behind the bar, but not before she tossed him over for that soccer playing Baldwin freak.

Fred got drunk and all soppy about the state of love in the world and made a drunken offer in the Rovers that the first couple that can show him that they have found love will get a free trip to Paris. All couples within earshot get excited. Now let’s see if he keeps the offer open once he sobers up.

Sunita’s brother came to visit with his daughter and Sunita had a long discussion with him. He said that he was going to boycott the wedding along with their parents.
This pissed Dev off, but Sunita was okay with it as long as she could have contact with her brother. She told the boys that they needed to get along and went out with her niece so that they could chat.

Dev basically started in on the wedding boycott, telling Sunita’s brother that he needed to pull the parent’s into the 21st century and then told him that Sunita would stand by him if the shoe was on the other foot.

This seem to get at the bro and when Sunita came back he told her that he would be attending the wedding.

(Jacqueline throws confetti in the air.)

Schmeichel Update

(News item edited to remove spoilers.)

Corrie fans can today breathe a deep sigh of relief after Schmeichel won his battle for life.

The loveable 16-month-old Great Dane was feared to be on his way out after contracting Wobbler's Syndrome.

But an operation to save the mutt's life has proved successful.

The news was met with tears of joy from real-life owner Ann Lutt and the dog's Coronation Street co-star Sam Aston, who plays Schmeichel's screen master Chesney Brown.

Schmeichel's five-year-old cousin Magnum has been covering for the poor canine but it now looks as though the show favourite, named after former Manchester United keeper Peter Schmeichel, could return in the near future.

"We were all really worried about him and miss him loads, " the 12-year-old Sam said.

"We want him back as soon as possible. We've been told his treatment has gone really well which is great news."

A Street insider added to the Daily Star: "We are hoping Schmeichel will be able to make a comeback in September."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Jacqueline Lives

The Norwegian has been sent back home on an airplane...I have recovered.

So, am I right? There was no Corrie last night was there?

Regularily scheduled updates will resume.

I Want To Break Free

Queen’s 'I Want To Break Free' video (1984) is a parody of ‘Coronation Street’ with all the Queen band members dressed in drag as Corrie characters. It was well received in the UK but banned by MTV in the U.S. and led Queen to decide not to tour the States for the rest of their careers. The video also sees Freddie Mercury recreating Debussy's famous ballet ‘L'Apres-midi d'un faune.’ View video in QuickTime.

In 2005, four of our own Corrie lads recreated the ‘I Want To Break Free’ video. The occasion was ‘Queen Mania,’ a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen's 1975 mock opera hit, voted Britain's favourite single of all time in 2002.

Pictured above are Antony Cotton (our Sean Tully), Michael Le Vell (our Kevin Webster), Bruce Jones (our Les Battersby), and Alan Halsall (our Tyrone Dobbs) re-enacting the Queen video 'I Want To Break Free.' In effect, it's a parody of a parody.

According to The Daily Mirror, after Michael Le Vell appeared in the video, he began to receive stacks of letters from gay men - who assumed he was a bisexual cross-dresser. It seems our Kevin’s become a bit of a gay icon.

Happy Birthday Shatnerian

Cheers, Shatnerian. Thanks for all the great comments you’ve posted on Corrie Canuck.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Corrie’s 10 Downing Street Connection

Connection #1: British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a big Coronation Street fan. He describes Corrie as “one of my favourite TV programmes” and a “great British institution.”

Connection #2: Tony Blair visited the set of Coronation Street this year and shared a pint at the Rovers with Fred Elliott and Les Battersby.

(left to right: Vera, Maria, Tony Blair, Tyrone)

Connection #3: Tony Blair threw his weight behind the campaign to "free Deirdre Rachid” after she was imprisoned for fraud.

Connection #4: Tony Blair’s mother-in-law was Pat Phoenix who played the role of Elsie Tanner on Corrie from 1960-1984. Pat Phoenix married Cherie Blair’s father Anthony Booth shortly before she died of lung cancer in 1986.

Pat Phoenix (our Elsie Tanner)


Post a caption in the comments section for this photo of Suranne Jones (our Karen McDonald.)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Derek Hilton

Derek Hilton helped produce the Coronation Street theme tune, which was composed by Eric Spear. Derek died this week at age 78. Thank you for the music Derek.

Everyone turn on your speakers, raise a glass to Derek, and sing along with me. Dahhhhhh dahdah dahdah dahhhhh. Dahhhhh dahdah dahdah dahhhhh.

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Fred Elliott Rap

(image via Badge Planet)

By now you’ve memorized the lyrics to The Ballad of Les Battersby so it’s time for some fresh tunes. Turn up your speakers and listen to the dopest rap in Weatherfield. It’s the Fred Elliott Rap! Ya wot? Cheeky monkey.

Ena Sharples' Hairnet

The Daily Record reports that Coronation Street legend Ena Sharples' hairnet will be auctioned off next week. Actress Violet Carson's trademark headgear has a guide price of £70.

A previous hairnet fetched £50.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

CBC Scheduling Update

Due to special programming, Coronation Street has been rescheduled on CBC for 8-9 pm on July 19, 20, 26, and 27. (Tuesdays and Wednesdays.)

During this period, Coronation Street won’t be seen on July 18, 22, 25, 29 (Mondays and Fridays.)

As usual, no Corrie on Thursdays.

Coronation Street returns to its regular scheduled time on Monday, August 1st.

CBC Audience Relations: 1-866-306-4636.

Toyah Hits the Big Screen

Whatever happened to Toyah Battersby? (The only bright bulb in the Battersby household.) Georgia Taylor left Coronation Street a few years ago and has been enjoying a successful acting career. Now she’s about to hit the big screen in the feature film “The History Boys.”

Homo Light

Attention Dev Alahan: Please order a few cases of Homo Light for the Corner Shop.

Having It Off

This posting is for you if:
a) You love Antony Cotton (Corrie’s Sean Tully)
b) You subscribe to BBC Canada

BBC Canada broadcasts the BBC3 comedy series “Having It Off” once in awhile and it started up again last week. Tune in Thursday evenings at 9:40 pm EST. (Check your local listings.)

Antony was co-writer and star of the series. He played Guy La Trousse, hairstylist/manager of an Eccles hair salon.

Turn on your speakers and watch a clip where Guy trades insults with salon owner’s wife April.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another Day, Another Gala

Being a celebrity means getting invited to all the hot spots and star treatment like arriving in a stretch limo courtesy of Dream Time Limousines of Sewerby.

Happy Birthday Tyrone and Maria

Another couple of Coronation Street actors who share the same birthday! I can’t confirm Alan Halsall’s birthday for certain but I found two references that said both he and Samia Ghadie “celebrated their joint 21st birthdays” together in 2003.

Alan Halsall: Born July 13, 1982 (?)

Alan Halsall (our Tyrone Dobbs) says he gets stacks of saucy fan mail from female admirers. "Sometimes they give me an address and ask me to pop round. But I just blush and send them a photo.”

Samia Ghadie: Born July 13, 1982

Samia Ghadie (our Maria Sutherland) insists she's nothing like her character Maria: "She's a man-eater, so it's all high-heels, short skirts and plunging necklines. But I'm not a get-it-all-out girl at all."

Uh huh. Whatever you say . . .

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Update July 11, 2005

So last night’s episode had Shelly telling Liz that she was out of a job and lodging because Shel has decided to believe Charlie’s version of the events. Personally, I don’t thing Shel really believes it, I think she just doesn’t want to admit that she’s once again hooked up with the wrong man.

(Don’t worry Shel darling, we’ll have our interventions done at the same time).

Anyway, Fred stepped in and offered Liz her job back, but she refused because she realizes that things will never be kosher between her and Shel and also because Charlie gives her the creeps.

Lots of talk of Jim lately, eh. Are we bound to see his Toronto Blue Jays clad self on our screen in the near future?

Liz goes over to Steve and Karen’s to stay for a few days and Karen quickly starts in on her and saying she can’t stay – but Steve jumps in and says that Liz is his mom and is definitely staying.

Speaking of getting a set….Kev actually found his. (sorry for the crudeness). After Sally outright said that Sophie couldn’t have a pet without consulting him, Kev told her that it would have to be a joint decision and that he wouldn’t put up with her making decisions for the both of them.

So instead of a dog, Sophie gets a guinea pig.


Jacqueline throws confetti in the air in honour of the ‘dog substitute’ pet.

I’m also kind of upset that Sally called off their anniversary dinner for a kid’s pizza party. Pay some attention to your husband, woman!

Kev, you have my full blessing to go out and have an affair.

Les wasn’t quite swallowing Cilla’s song and dance about going to Bingo with a friend, so Fizz convinced him to go to the Bingo hall and spy on her. Good plan, except Les was distracted by this woman, who by all appearances may be a direct descent of the guy who played ‘Jack’ on “On The Buses’.

Cilla catches him and it’s discovered that ‘Jackie’ is close friend of Cilla’s and tells her about Les hitting on her. Cilla ends up giving her the ‘Status Quo’ collection that she was going to give Les. (what the hell is a ‘status quo’, btw?)

Maya met up with Frankie for lunch and while they were there, the cab driver who drove Maya and ‘Unknown Star Trek Crew Member’ to their wedding spotted them. He came up and started going on about ‘how’s married life?’, etc.

Maya fluffed it off, but you could tell Frankie was getting worried. I really do think Frankie just has bad judgment when it comes to people. Maybe she could be part of the intervention also.

The Cobblestone Cure

This study would explain the longevity of such characters as Ken, Betty, Blanche, Fred, Mike, Emily and Rita.

Those of you who don’t live in Weatherfield can still benefit by ordering a cobblestone walking mat.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Shelley needs intervention

(I'm making this a new posting just because I didn't want to leave some huge comment...)

Okay, there's this show on A&E called "Intervention", and I, for one, would like to suggest that Shelley needs a referral now! How dim do you have to be to fall for yet another guy who is lying to you? If she hadn't been with Peter, then I could kind of see it. Some of us are far too trusting, and have to be burned repeatedly before we get a little more cynical. But is she so incredibly thick that she can't see a twit when he's lying in her bed? First her mum, now Liz...and her argument is always "you're jealous." See, here's the thing: If you had a million pounds, hair down to your knees, an unlimited free supply of smokes, and owned the pub, then yeah, there'd be some envy there. But considering you're the manager of a local pub with a boyfriend who needs electrolysis to get rid of his five o'clock shadow, I'm thinking not so much.

The part I don't get is why Charlie is bothering with Shelley. Is a woman who runs a pub that desirable, or does he truly care about her? 'Cause I am not seeing it. There's no chemistry between them, and I can't see what she might offer over the other women he could pull. I'm not slaggin her, but she's really high maintenance -- insecure, needy, and whiny a lot of the times. Maybe we're not seeing the tender, intimate, lovely moments?

(As a note, I do like my men scruffy, but Charlie ain't doing it for me either. Strange...)

Thanks Guys!

I just wanted to thank everyone for posting and keeping the discussion lively.

I've been playing catch up with work after my mini-vacay. So I really appreciate everyone who jumped in with the updates.

This week we have people from Norway, but I'm hoping to stay diligent to my updates, if I don't however, just jump in and get it going.

Kev's mustache - never minded it that much, but then maybe I'm biased.

I've been watching the classic corrie lately (back when Sal was sweet) and I'm amazed at the amount of truly boring characters that have come through the street. Maybe that's why I don't remember so many of them - they come and quickly go.

Proof that you can be both insane and boring at the same time.

Kevin Webster’s Moustache

After many blessedly clean-shaven years, Kevin Webster’s moustache makes a brief return to the Street (shudder) but thankfully it disappears without incident. The Reynolds-Selleck porn-stache should be banned from Weatherfield. And the planet. Please Kevin . . . One Geraldo Rivera in this world is more than enough.

Let’s hope Kevin hasn’t got his sites set for Berlin in October.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Mmmmm, Kebabs...

Sally is really starting to bug me.
I mean, she's always kind of bothered me...what with her double standards, and her falling for every cock on the this whole hoity toity school plot line is making her more irritating than ever.

I wonder who Sally was expecting to show up at the door with Rosie?
Charlotte Casiraghi?
Instead, she got Pippa Popadopoulos, daughter of Kebab Proprietor.
I love how the writers made her the mirror image of Sally in ethnic form. It made her different enough for Sally not to recognize herself...but on enough for her to think about that hot shot school and Rosie.
Funny that Sally should worry about Rosie feeling the same as Pippa about her own family...hasn't she noticed?
Kevin certainly has.
Anyhow, I'm looking forward to more Pippa...

I'm loving this Liz and Charlie storyline.
He's such an asshole, and I'm loving Liz not "gagging for it" like Charlie will tell everyone she was anyway.
The sad thing is that Shelly will have to be thumped and embarrassed about 30 more times before she kicks him to the curb.

Meanwhile, Shelly falls for every stupid thing he says hook, line and sinker.
I love how Liz handled it though.

I think that she gave Shelly a good wake up call in her conversation with her.

Too bad that Shelly is too stupid, and naive to take her good, and experienced advice.
Last but not least...Are there no Employment Standard Laws in Weatherfield? Since when can you fire someone for personal reasons?
In my dreams this is a possibility...

Stop! In The Name Of Dev

Shobna Gulati (our Sunita Parekh) channels her inner Diana Ross.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The 3 Stages Towards Coronation Street Addiction

1. "You're not watching that trash again are you?"
2. "Well, if you're watching it, I might as well"
3. "Did you set the VCR to tape Coronation Street?"

Friday, July 08, 2005

Ta Ra, Tony

Coronation Street producer Tony Wood has confirmed he will leave the soap at the end of this year.

Didsbury-based Mr Wood took over in January 2004 and has kept the Street at the top of the ratings and winning accolades, including most popular serial drama at the National Television Awards.

He introduced sensational storylines such as Mad Maya and the showdown between Tracy Barlow and Karen McDonald.

Former Emmerdale producer Steve Frost is a favourite to replace Mr Wood.

Source: Manchester Evening News, July 8, 2005 (edited for Corrie Canuck readers to block spoilers)

Thursday, July 07, 2005


I think I can speak on behalf of everyone here at Corrie Canuck that we are sending all our thoughts and prayers to those directly affected by the god awful attacks in London this morning and indeed to all British peoples.

The world is in such turmoil these days and it really breaks my heart to see yet more violence errupt.

Hopefully, we'll be able to see a time when these kind of terrorist attacks are history.

If violence begets violence, peace begets peace.

Corrie’s Winning Wedding

Champagne corks are popping on Coronation Street after the long running soap won yet another high profile plaudit.

The latest award comes from top telly magazine What's on TV and recognises the zaniest wedding to have entertained the UK's soap viewers.

The winning choice proved to be the disaster-strewn, like-father-like-son love tangle at the 2000 nuptials of Mike Baldwin, played by Johnny Briggs.

Corrie's thrilling scene centred around Mike's illegitimate son Mark Redman, played by Paul Fox, springing the shocking surprise that he had been sleeping with the bride-to-be, Linda Sykes, played so brilliantly by Jacqueline Pirie.

A massive 60 per cent of voters chose this as their favourite disastrous soap wedding ceremony.

Source: Yabedo. July 6, 2005

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tuesday Update

The Street’s newest family has packed their bags and scampered over to the Platt household. Sarah approached Tommy complaining she had heard funny noises coming from the attic. Fred and Tommy had a mini conference deciding that they would be saying nowt about their own squirrel experiences.

Poor Tyrone, he just seems to be led along in friendship with Maria, though he really does want it to be more. Fiz is trying to help by mentioning to Maria that Kirk and Tyrone are decent blokes and the type Maria should be dating.

Charlie’s interest has been sparked by Liz… could it be from the mammary display the day before? He has made some not so subtle hints at Liz while Shelly has been working out of sight at the back of the pub. Liz looks troubled everytime Charlie looks at her. Charlie had a conversation with Jason something to the effect that Liz must be gagging for it since Jim’s been in prison for the past 21/2 years. Knowing Charlie's past history with barmaids, Liz had better watch it.

Food Feud

Jacques Chirac obviously hasn’t enjoyed the fine dining experience of bacon butties at Roy’s Rolls.

Nice going, Jacques.

Schmeichel’s Under the Weather

I’m not linking to the newspaper article as it contains a spoiler about a storyline but this ‘Corrie Canuck’ reporter will keep you posted on Schmeichel’s condition.

The following is a cut and paste of some of the details in the Daily Mail article:

Coronation Street dog Schmeichel is facing a real-life battle for survival. The Great Dane has undergone a major operation after being diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome, a genetic condition that affects the spinal cord. His owners and 12-year-old Sam Aston, who plays his on-screen best pal Chesney Brown, now face an anxious wait to see if he recovers.

According to Schmeichel’s vet, "This is a condition that Schmeichel was born with. When he was about five or six months old he had a few problems but we thought they had been cured by vitamin treatment.”

Schmeichel is responding well but will need to undergo physio treatment to help him recover.

Schmeichel's role will be played by a stand-in; his five-year-old cousin Magnum - until a decision is made about his future.

His owner has asked that anyone wishing to send a gift to Schmeichel should instead make a donation to the Animal Health Trust.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Monday's update

Hi, I’m filling in for Jacqueline until tomorrow… sorry for the late post, but I just wasn’t able to get to the computer after yesterday’s episode. So here I go…

Now that Charlie is living above the Rovers, Liz has been moved to a smaller bedroom, and she is not happy. Charlie almost lost his eyesight what with the boobages hanging out of Liz’s top first thing in the morning. Fred is getting it from both Liz and Shelly about the rearranging of rooms, but as Shelly is manager – she wins.

Kevin wants to celebrate his and Sally’s 18th wedding anniversary, but of course, Sally digs her heels in and says it is only their 2nd anniversary that she doesn’t want to celebrate something that went so wrong. Rita was even trying to get her to go for the 18th, as it makes them closer to receiving silver on their 25th. Sally really gets on my nerves, she just can’t be happy or satisfied with anything. I didn’t start watching Corrie until after Sally and Kevin were divorced, but in yesterday’s episode there was some mention of an affair. Can anyone fill me in?

Liz appears in the Weatherfield News as ‘Weatherfield’s Glamorous Granny, 41 year old Liz MacDonald….” complete with photo of Liz holding Amy. (41????? yeah right) Of course, Tracy couldn’t wait to wave that in front of Karen’s face.

Forget about the skwerls…. What did you think about the cat fight between Leann and Maria? All that over Jamie? Was it worth it? Probably not, since Jamie really has no intention of dating Maria exclusively, much to her dismay. I’m not sure if she actually likes Jamie, or if she just wants to rub Leann the the wrong way. I really think that Maria is finally getting some back after the no show ‘date’ with Tyrone. When she first joined the show, the Maria character was so sweet and naive, but she certainly has changed.

Get Ken Barlow!

Soap opera and theatre collide in this play that follows two soap opera mad brothers who hatch a kidnap plot to publicize their failing business. When the abduction of Ken Barlow doesn't go as planned, the boys are not quite sure what to do with their celebrity hostage. Could they demand a ransom from Granada Television? Should they at least remove the bag from over his head?

Get Ken Barlow runs at the Watford Palace Theatre until July 16.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Coronation Street Quiz

How much do you know about Coronation Street characters? Take the Coronation Street Characters Mania quiz and find out.

Too easy? Try the Life and Loves of Ken Barlow quiz.

Happy Fourth of July, America!

(photo via Sugar Bush Squirrel)

Happy Fourth of July to our friends south of the border.

Especially the residents of Little Canada.

For you Americans planning a trip up north, please read the following from ‘An American’s Guide to Canada’

How To Tell You Are In Canada


Happy Independence Day, neighbours. (That’s ‘neighbors’ spelled Canuck-style.)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Skwerls on The Street

The squirrel situation in Weatherfield is not going away anytime soon. May I suggest the residents of Coronation Street take up the extreme sport of Squirrel Tag?
(To view long version of video, click on ‘Squirrel Tag TV Clip’)

And finally: a plea from Claire. Please don’t let Fred get his hands on the squirrels!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Wednesday's Episode (Late)

Okay....Wednesday's episode...

Tracey offered to give Steve and Karen some of Amy's old clothes including one that said, 'Daddy's Little Girl'. So of course there was the usual egging on by Tracey and Karen reacting. Karen also let Tracey know that she wasn't pregnant which gave Tracey an opportunity to call her 'barren'. Liz kept out of it, but seemed to feel bad for Karen.

Charlie somehow sneaked his way into Shel's place - someone how he convinced her to ask him to move was weird. Anyway, she gets Jason to move Liz's stuff to another room without letting Liz know. There was a big scene with Liz in tears and Shel saying, 'too bad, so sad'. I'm not such a Liz fan, but I thought that was a bit rough.

The squirrels vacated the Elliots' home and ran right into Tommy's place. Fred is playing dumb when Angela complains about the infestation at their house. Claire and Ashly are not happy about lying.

Tyrone found out about Maria and Jamie (oh I'm so glad I'm not the only he was getting his hair cut, I was, 'Okay, this guy isn't attractive.')

I think that's it...I can't remember anything terribly exciting about the show.

Anyway, I'm off to the United States of America on Sunday and won't have Corrie access, so Uta's volunteered to give us updates (you rock, Uta!).

So whereever you are, have fun, eat lots of food, watch fireworks, wave a flag, have some poutine and celebrate this great, big, sexy country! (I'm so happy to be a Canuck this week, I could just plotz!)

Happy Canada Day, Eh?

In honour of Canada’s 138th birthday, let’s step away from Corrie for a moment (say it ain’t so!) to visit a few Canuck diversions.

World’s Largest Pyrogy – Glendon, Alberta

Big Things: This website is dedicated to those fantastic and awe inspiring monuments built by Canadian communities to draw tourist dollars into their community. I am talking about the world's largest oilcan, the world's largest Easter egg, the world's largest (fill in the blank).

Self-proclaimed ‘map geek’ Melissa Edwards compiles the Caught Mapping series of Canadian maps for Geist magazine. View ‘The National Beer Map of Canada,’ ‘The Doughnut Map of Canada,’ and more. (You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the maps.)

Molson Canadian’s ‘The Rant’ (‘I am Canadian’) and parodies of ‘The Rant.’

Sandy McTire

Everything you wanted to know about Canadian Tire Money.

Bonne fête du Canada!