Thursday, June 23, 2005

Your Celebrity Love Match

Find out how compatible you are with Keith Duffy (our Ciaran) or Samia Ghadie (our Maria.) Sorry Jacqueline. Bill Ward (our Charlie) didn’t make the list. uses the “scientific” method of biorhythms to calculate the compatibilities.


Jacqueline said...

I used the scientific method and I have one question, 'What's a Benito Carbone?'

Apparantly, I'm most compatible with Portugese soccer players.


Anonymous said...

my best celebrity match was Tylene Buck, (100 total match) a WCW wrestling chick best known as a character called "Major Gunns"...uh...yeah...she had big boobs.

My Corrie matches:
Tina O'Brien -99% emotional MAtch, 66% overall
Samia Ghadie-100% Emotional match, 53% overall
Honor Blackman - 99% emotional, 52% overall