Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesday's Question

Okay, so what fictional character do you think would be a great addition to Corrie?

Get creative:

Miss Marple?
Hyacinth Bucket?
Inspector Blake (On the Buses)?
Jerry Seinfeld?
Obi Wan?
Prince Edward (from the fictional land of 'Britain')?

My vote is Vicky Pollard from Little Britain.

Yeah, but, but, you know nuffin about dat.


First person to name the Corrie character below wins a special corrie gift from me. (Which might take awhile for me to get, but nonetheless.)

Ooooooooooooooooh saw the retro Corrie Street last night! OMG. I loved it. (I hate to say it, but I kind of think I prefer it to the new one, things were a little bit more 'real' back in the day.)

Anyway, saw a practically teen-age Martin, Gale (pre crazy bitch) but still the drama queen, AlF!, Reg, Derek, etc. It were loverly.

I also liked the 'End of Part One' bit between commerical breaks.


MJ said...

Yeah but no but yeah but Vicky’s an excellent choice.

I’d like to see a token Canadian on the show so I nominate Red Green. He’d fix Eileen’s boiler for starters. He would amuse the locals with colourful Canadian colloquialisms such as, “Keep your stick on the ice.” He’d organize a Brit version of Possum Lodge with the blokes. He’d dole out advice to the men on how to relate to women… "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." A bitter rivalry would form between Red and Charlie Stubbs the builder. Red has the advantage with the handyman’s secret weapon – duct tape. Everyone would benefit from having Red around.

Radmila said...

I say Ali G

Radmila said...

It's Betty!!!

Jacqueline said...

Yeah Radmila! Thank God I save on postage!!!

You will the Corrie prize!

So let me get something and it'll be yours.

(Sorry - the contest came before the prize. But the minute I get something, I'll post it on the web.)

John said...

I'm still waiting for the Corrie/Doctor Who crossover event of the century (I may be waiting for some time).

I second the notion of a Canadian character on the street, given that everytime something goes awry, some character heads off "to Canada" for a break (see: Nick, Gail, Maria, etc.) Mind you, they never actually say where in Canada... But if it had to be a fictional one, I'd say Larry King (aka the King of Kensington). He gets along with everybody.

MJ said...

Can you imagine Vicky Pollard giving child-rearing advice to Tracy Barlow?