Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday's Question for June 8

Today’s question, what form of Coronation Street Crazy do you suffer from?

Crazybitchism – as suffered by Maya

Can’t Let Go of My Twenties Syndrome – as demonstrated by the fashion stylings of Liz McDonald

Can’t Let Go of Men in Their Twenties Syndrome – Bev long time sufferer.

Manchester Turrets – an obsessive, I say, an obsessive-compulsive language disorder. Famed sufferers, Fred Elliot and Foghorn Leghorn.

Blanchities – self-explanatory

Nana Mouskouri Fever – Condition suffered by Deidre where the patient is unable to see without glass lens at least 3 inches in diameter.

Incurable Fabulousness – Bet Lynch

Les Battersby Pnemonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu - You're just a git.

Personally, I suffer from ‘Perrierless Condition’, which I share with Frankie. Common symptoms of this condition include delirium after being told that not every café serves espresso and not every corner shop stocks tzatziki.

Notes on this week’s episodes so far:
- Karen, I’m not sure Steve WANTS an angel.

- Anyone out there think that Mike wears a rug?


anyone said...

Well, duh, it's Incurable Fabulousness! (ha ha)

Anonymous said...

no kidding Steve doesn't want an angel...did you see him brighten up when she asked for the bottle of voddie? He was thinking about nowt else but a full on snogfest


MJ said...

I am the love child of Bet Lynch and Roy Cropper. Imagine, if you will, a leopard-print-clad woman spouting trivia.

Radmila said...

Hahahahah...if Karen turns born again, I think that will be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I definately suffer from "Can’t Let Go of My Twenties Syndrome". Even though I'm only 29, I know I will be turning the BIG 30 in October. I am not going to go willingly.

Am I the only one who doesn't watch it during the week, but watches the encore on Sunday mornings as I recover from my hangover?

anyone said...

I just realized also suffer from Sally Webster's Child Prodigy Syndrome. My children are definately the brightest, most beautiful children around. Nothing is good enough for them. I just don't understand Sally, Rosie can't even begin to compare to my kids. ;)

BevJ said...

mj...loved your response, lol.

Anon...I watch Sunday's episodes too.

Krista Sparkles said...

I personally am developing 'cuppa-tea-itis' where my first reaction to any stressor or incident is - 'put the kettle on'