Monday, June 13, 2005


Okay, so it would seem that every one is cool with my providing daily updates. I really do prefer this myself as I can never remember what happened at the end of the week.

So what I'll do is set the subject line to something like 'Update: June 16' so that you'll all know that the spoiler is there. In addition all the discussion can be attached to that update via the comments section.

This week, Karen became completely insane believing that her mother was right and that she is the devil incarnate. She has given way all her clothes, stopped smoking, drinking and has apologized to everyone on the street. Steve does not love the new Karen and tried to get her to snap out of it by giving her a credit card with 5 grand on it. (wow. I'd be ashamed to admit what I'd be willing to do for him.) But she had a complete breakdown and even this little bonbon did nothing for her.

Kieran almost lost the restaurant due to a lack of funds and threw a dinner for potential investors, except Tracey managed to sell it like a sinking ship which scared everyone off. She also tried to get K to take the money and run, screwing Penny out of her pennies. However, K was not about to mess around with the one person who had faith in him and in the end, Penny put up the rest of the money.

Leanne dumped the Baldwin boy - mainly cause he's a jackass.

Sunita tried to reconnect with her family, but when she called their home her mother hung up on her. Her brother came to visit, but I think it was basically to tell her to give up on the idea of getting back together with the family. Her mother won't let her name be spoken in the house.

Sunita, honey, there's a thinking out there that sometimes you have to just walk away from the biological family and create your own family with those close to you. I'm thinking it's time to do that.

Sean is settling into Weatherfield and has managed to get himself a gig at Underworld (shortly after he lost his cosmetics job). Looks like he's going to fit right in.

What else happened? See, what I said about my memory?

Oh yeah, I also didn't catch friday's epsisode. Anyone care to fill us in?


Anonymous said...

That Battersby totty Leanne, kissed Dev and forced him to fire her...hee hee

Sunita was left in the rain waiting for daddy. I don't think this was his fault, something must have happened to him. Becasue why would he play a trick on her and stand her up? It doesn;t make sense. We'll find out he was in an accident or had a heartattack or something and it will bring her back to her family

Kelly tells a story of lust and ribaldry between her, a ver, her fiances and his lover. She expects her job back and Sean wants to keep it. It all works out after both are hired after Danny plays with their emotions.

I am a little PO'd about the change back to half hour ep's. i was hoping that CBC and BBC were working to catch us Canuck up on current episodes.

BTW MJ, Love this site, love your daily updates, love the trivia and fun stuff and I Love being able to comment on your site.


Anonymous said...

I am peed too that they are not keeping it to an hour a day or 4 hours on Sundays. I really want to get caught up to the Brits.

I felt so bad for Sunita. Her family is evil!

MJ said...

You missed what to me was the highlight of the week: Sean modeling a pink bra at Underworld. Baldwin (Mike)throws hot water on the scene by walking in and sacking Sean on the spot. Danny steps in to save Sean's butt by reminding Mike that he (Danny) is in charge of hiring and firing. Sean's position as machinist at Underworld is spared.

Note to Pamer: So glad you like our site! Just a note to let you know that the woman behind Corrie Canuck is Jacqueline. She created the site and the rest of us owe it all to her for our fun here. Thanks Jacqueline!

Anonymous said...

My apologies to Jacqueline. Thank you thank you thank you Jacqueline!!! And everyone else who contibutes to the site.

Another great Sean Moment is when he watches our Jase walk up the stairs and he starts singing "Blue Moon". To which Jase says "I'm wearing me boxers!"
And Sean replies; "I know". Hahahaha

skeezix said...

My thanks to Jacqueline too. I think this is a great site. As a new Corrie viewer, it's great to get some of the background info.

Any idea what kind of ratings CBC has obtained for its "doubled-up" episodes? Did the ratings decline (too much to watch with the weather getting nice), improve (more of a good thing) or hold steady (the regulars keep watching no matter what)? Similarly, how is the show doing in prime time on weekdays? It can't be all that bad if CBC is expanding it to 5 nights a week.

I'm also very disappointed that CBC has cut back to one episode a night. Expanding to 5 nights a week will also help catch up to the Brits, but only to the tune of about a month and a half per year (which would be cancelled out by hockey playoffs or the next Olympics).

MJ said...

Note to Skeezix and Pamer: Nice to see both of you making comments. If you (and other Corrie Canuck readers) would like to become contributors email Jacqueline at: