Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Update June 27, 2005

So we had a double scooping of Corrie last night and I enjoyed it with sprinkles on top.

The Todd issue was dealt with – Jason tried to make apologies all around, albeit half assed apologies. Eileen asked Sean to leave so that she could concentrate on Jason and he agreed. This move didn’t make sense to me, but I’m sure it’s just a part of plot development.

Sarah’s been getting it from all around when Gayle and Candice found out about her and Jason. Candice said one of the truest lines of the show when she told Sarah that even though Sarah has a kid and lived with a bloke, she still acts like a little girl because she looks a little girl.

Um…yeah, I can’t disagree.

Anyway, Sarah’s feeling a bit sheepish and even yelled at her mom that she wasn’t a baby, so maybe there’s a new Sarah on the horizon.

Fred, Ashley and Claire thought there were rats in the attic. Turns out the rats were squirrels. Claire wanted to keep them, Fred did not. Fred chase the squirrels out with a noise maker that pissed Claire off.

I’m not sure of the point of this story line. Is this comic relief?

Charlie sold the house that he had for a profit and Shelly was a bit annoyed because apparently she had visions of her and Charlie living there together.

I give Charlie credit for explaining to her that the house was an investment property only and the reality was that he couldn’t afford to live there. I give Charlie three leeching demerit points for suggesting that he moves into her flat. (Yes gentlemen, I know it's a double standard, but at least if he waited for her to ask..)

Big Crazy Maya.

So Leanne tried to back out of the whole trial thing and admitted that she could have made a mistake. However, Maya strong armed her by saying that she was just nervous about the trial and then when that didn’t work, she said that if she didn’t go through with the trial she’d have to pay her for the legal sevices.

Needless to say they went through with it and lost. Sunita started expressing some concerns about what Maya might do next so Dev had as talk with her and was convinced that everything was now kosher.


Last scene is Maya getting married to scarface – using Sunita’s name and id.


MJ said...

I figure that the squirrel episode is a set-up to introduce a new character. How about a pest control officer? He could exterminate Maya!

anyone said...

Aha! My theory that I posted way back about Maya was correct. Hmmm, what's next?

Jacqueline said...

Maybe they're bringing in a squirrel rights activist.

maybe I've lost my mind....

Sorry Uta! I was actually going to give you credit on that too.