Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I am loving this short story line with Ashley, Fred, and Claire and the family of squirrels! Claire's behaviour is one of those embarrassingly typically silly girl things...vermin with bushy tails who eat nuts in a really cute way equals "aw, don't hurt them!" It doesn't matter that they are eating wires or making noises or creating a nest out of fibreglass insulation, they're just so adorable!!!

It might be a British thing. During my visit to Merseyside a few years ago, my aunt couldn't wait to take me to Formby, home of the infamous red squirrels. Yeah, we have squirrels in our back yards. But are they red? No, but...then they aren't the same. But this is Formby's claim to fame. It's not the lovely sea side, or the sand dunes, or the adorable "downtown". No, it's the squirrels. Tiny red bushy tailed vermin...come one, come all see the squirrels.

Okay, I think I'm "squirrelled" out now. (Just love that word!)


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MJ said...

Then again it might not be a British thing. My uncle used to take me to see the white squirrels of Exeter, Ontario.