Thursday, June 16, 2005

Radmila's Pressie Came Today

My e-bay score came in today and the best part is that the mailcarrier got me to sign for a package that was listed as 'Shampoo and Knickers'.

I feel like a French hooker in WWII. I love it!!!

Anyway, deerio, when Mrs. Mystic is back we need to drink and I need to shower you with this gift.

So, last night's Classic Corrie had this fabulous line. The doctor tells Deidre and Ken that the most important thing to Tracey's recovery is, "a stable home environment". do know the girl lives on Coronation Street?

I'm thinking that's the funniest Corrie line, ever.

I realized at 4:30 am that I forgot to post a question of the week yesterday, but I think MJ's caption contest will make up for it.

Update for Wednesday June 15
Cieran's losing customers, but fast. Last night's dinner saw the restaurant only 1/8th full and Cieran ended up having a row with both Roy and the Platts. Okay the Platt thing had something to do with him calling Sarah stupid and firing her.

Why am I crying so much over Karen? I have to say, this is really pulling at my heart strings. Steve and her have reconciled and she ended up going back to mom's grave and making her piece with her. Of course, Liz is giving Steve a hard time about Karen again and Tracey is seriously pissed right now.

Janice is trying to convince Leanne not to sue Dev, that it would just open up an attack on her character. Leanne tried to make up to Dev when he came into the cafe, but he responded with some pretty nasty words, so it looks like she's going to dig her heels in and fight it out with him.

Oh and poor old Norris! Turns out Rula is married. They went out to dinner with her and her husband but we're still not sure what this woman wants.


John said...

Regarding the Rula/Norris thing, I don't get it. I thought he played for Todd and Sean's team.

MJ said...

Norris has been married twice. Not that that means anything when it comes to team sports.

John said...

Really? But he just seems, you know...



Jacqueline said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangela!! It's all coming back to me.

Mavis, Derek - Derek's ex-wife Angela.

Oh yeah!

And Shatnerian, I'm with you, he does seem so.. Especially with his freaked out reaction when Sean walked in the door. How deep are the closets in Weatherfield?

MJ said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Jacqueline said...

Definately not that there's anything wrong with that.

For a treat, check out my blog and see what's going down vis-a-vis 'not that there's anything wrong with that.'

Mrs. Mystic said... much has happened since i've been away....i just finished going through the visual updates and then i see all kinds of additional goodies being posted....can't wait for sunday.

Radmila said...