Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Question of the Week


In honour of Canada passing the same sex bill, I think I need to ask - who would maek a great same sex couple on Corrie? (In a world where sexual orientation is not an issue and everyone is bi.)

I'm thinking:

a) Shell and Sunita - both girls need some r-e-s-p-e-c-t.
b) Tyrone and Ker-kah - it's the dumb and dumber match of the century!

Recent Corrie Ebay Purchase

I don't have the pic, because I'm kind of lazy today, but our friend Bob in England found a Corrie Annual from 1996 which I quickly snapped up.

The annual is chock full of fun facts and trivia. Stayed tuned for trivia questions from the 90's, 80's (which will hard for me seeing as I wasn't born yet), 70's and for the super brave the 60's!

Update for June 28, 2005

So the Baldwin kid (what the hell is his name? The eldest) tossed Leanne over because of her antics with Dev. So he seems to have some redeeming characteristics beyond the London accent.

He immediately headed over to the salon to get a haircut and was greeted by a very flirty (ready to stick it to Leanne) Maria. After the haircut (which apparantly didn't include a shave!) he asked Maria to go out with him that evening which she had agreed to.

Now here's the thing, earlier Tyrone had asked her out to the movies which she had also agreed to and he was all excited to be getting some time alone with her. No sooner had the deal been done than Kirk and Fizz decided to join them, thereby making it a group outing.

Tyrone went to very strange lengths (threats of Japanese movies) to get Fizz and Kirk to drop out and then set about sexing himself up for his 'date' with Maria.

Maria thinking that the movies thing was group thing decided to just blow off the movie and go off with Jamie (THAT'S his name!). So the last we see is poor Tyrone in front of the theatre with a sad bucket of popcorn.

Hmmm, I thought it would still be good manners to cancel properly even if it was a group event.

Karen is making Steve stand in front of the fridge to keep his 'boys' cool and thereby make conceiving a child that much easier. She also forbade him to eat certain things, smoke and drink. This resolution lasted 8 hours and after a nasty exchange with Tracey, we see Steve and Karen going off to eat and drink whatever the heck crossed their fancy. (Don't worry Karen, lots of drunk people have gotten pregnant.)

Frankie was seen consoling Maya during the show. I like Frankie, but I think perhaps she's a bad judge of character.

Finally, Shell decided to hold off making a decision about having Charlie move in and asked with big cow eyes if he wouldn't be made about that...Charlie just layed on the sugar and told her to take all the time she needed.

Oh Charlie, Charlie...for me you are the poster boy for every bad relationship I ever had and for that, I love you. I too am entranced by your rascally ways!


Anonymous said...

Jason and Charlie or Rita and Emily.


MJ said...

Here's my list:
Jason Grimshaw and Charlie Stubbs
Ciaran McCarthy and Peter Barlow
Dev Alahan and Joe Carter (you didn't say they had to get along.)

anyone said...

I wonder how Maria managed to cut Jamies's hair... I don't think the dunce cap ever comes off.