Saturday, June 11, 2005


Okay, so I've been wondering about this for awhile and LDF's request for updates has spurred me on to take a poll.

Would you guys prefer

1. that this blog was open for Corrie discussion during the week (e.g. on Tuesday we can talk about Monday) and those who watch it on Sunday can come in at the end of the week (Or we could put **Spoiler** warnings before the posts and the sunday watchers can just avoid those posts).


2. We stay the course and wait until Sunday for chatting?

The reason I ask this is because I really enjoy doing the updates but find it a little tricky to remember everything to give updates on Sunday. This might change because we're going back to 1/2 hours episodes, however. I guess the other thing I could write down my thoughts each night and just post on the weekend.

But I'm wondering if everyone is anxious to discuss the episodes during the week.

Guess How Old...
Ken is in real life.

72. I was shocked, I honestly thought he was in his early 60's. But get this, Rita is younger, she's only 67. Methinks the makeup ages. Deirdre is 51, Emily is 74, Mike is around 70.


MJ said...

I'd prefer discussing during the week but don't want to spoil it for the Sunday viewers.

Radmila said...

oh, if weekend viewers wouldn't watch anyway.
I'm one of those.

Anonymous said...

I'm a weekend viewer who doesn't watch during the week. I freak out if I happen to switch to CBC during the week and it's on. I don't want to see anything til Sunday morning. I can't handle Corrie in 30 minutes doses.

But as long as a spoiler warning is in the post, it doesn't bother me if you post about the happenings during the week. I can always go back and comment on the post after I've watched the Sunday encore.

Thanks MJ for emailing me the link to this site, after you found that post on mine about Corrie. I felt so alone being the only one I know who watches Corrie.

reddirtroad said...

I am a weekend watcher, mostly because I am busy during the week at the time CS is on here, but I also enjoy watching it all at once on Sundays (like right now... lol). But this week, I happened to catch Thursay night and there was something I wanted to comment about but didn't. So, I'm all for the Canadian Spoiler posts.