Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Monopoly and Update

So once I get my butt in gear I'll get some pics, but so far what I can tell you is that play is the same, however the properties are delicious pieces such at the Robers, Roy's Rolls, No 6, etc. The game comes with a pamphlet that explains the rules, but also goes on to provide a history of the street and it's various characters.

The chance and community chest cards are different, wish such gems as 'Pop into No. 13 for a cup of tea and a chat', 'From Sale of Knickers You Get $50', and my fav, 'Go back to Elliiot's Butchers, I say, Go back to Elliot's Butchers'.

La Familia and I will be testing it out this weekend and give you a full report.

Before I give my update on last night's episode, I have to tell you about the Classic Corrie episode I watched last night. It's from 1995 and Tracey has come out of her drug induced coma and Deidre has some bad news for Ken.

"Ken, it's Tracey's kidneys. They've failed and she'll have to go on dialysis (NOT looking that up), for 4 hours a day, three times a week, FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!'

For the rest of her life? Damn, unless they fixed her between then and now, that girl has got to be the poster girl for living a full life with kidney failure.

'Tracey Barlow, mother, skank, evil person and living with kidney failure.'

UPDATE June 13, 2005

Well, first night of McCarthy's and despite little boo-boos (such as Sarah serving Dev and Sunita slabs of steak 'But we're Hindu!' - although now I want to see every single episode that Dev's been in and see if we can't catch him sucking back beef, just for consistency sake) it would see to be a success. The Duckworths and crew seemed to enjoy themselves. Mike kept complaining through the whole thing and I think if I were Penny, I would have dumped him pretty much right then and there.

Karen snapped out of it. The thought of Steve going off with Tracey was too much and she cried for him to come back, which he did - running. They had a long talk and I think she might be on the mend. Tracey is more than a little upset with this and has a bit of the 'As God is my witness, I will have that man!' attitude going on right now.

Leanne is sticking to her story that Dev came on to her and subsequently sacked her. Maya got wind of this and is now trying to convince her to bring charges against Dev and - oh yeah, here's my card, I'll represent you. Leanne seemed very unsure until she heard the sweet sound of $$$$.

Norris is completely smitten with Rula, although she seems to think that he and Rita are an item. She has invited both of them out of dinner.

And're so bad...but so hot. Why am I so in love with you?


Anonymous said...

This is about the classic Corrie episode. I didn't see the last 5 or ten minutes of it. Something happened to my DVR. I was screaming at the tv. So thank you for posting about it.

I'll have to wait til Sunday to see what happened on the regular Corrie.

Anonymous said...

Ohh i forgot to say, I'm jealous you have a corrie monopoly game. I want one. *pout*

kowy said...

About the classic Corrie episode.
I DO know what eventually happened to Tracy and I'm at odds to actually say what it is just in case you don't want a spoiler.

But..if you want to know....

kowy said...
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John said...

Dev's brought up the Hindu thing before when someone in shop asked if such-and-such a beef TV dinner was any good.

But I'm not sure why Dev was being suck a prick about the restaurant last night ... oh right, Ciaran.

Leanne's hiring Maya, the fired lawyer, as her attorney. Yeah, that'll go well.