Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The spouse and I set ourselves up with some cold ones and cracked open the Corrie Monopoly game and played a round.

It was truly amazing and the best part was saying this,

“You owe me $35! NO! WAIT! You owe me thirty five POUNDS, me matey!’

Yeah, it was all good – and I’d like to announce that I won thankyouverymuch.

Update for June 20, 2005

Tracey Barlow is getting if from all sides. The BEST part had to be in the Rovers.

Early in the show Tracey was mocking Ciaran’s circumstances and basically telling him that he’s lost his sense of humour after she made some nasty comment.

Later we see her baiting Karen by saying that Karen could have all the babies she wants because she’ll never have Steve’s first born. To which Karen replied that the only problem with Amy is that she’s half Tracey and therefore not as good as any bairn from Karen’s womb.

And the best part was to hear Ciaran laugh at that and say, ‘Come Tracey, where’s your sense of humour?’

YEAH! Take that, baby!

Sarah’s got a job at the shop but almost lost it when she had a hissy fit when Todd was in the store. Dev threatened to fire her unless she apologized and promised not to fight in the store anymore. She gave a very lovely pissed off teen apology and seems to want to keep this job as she gave Todd her boundaries.

Les tried to take a swing at Dev – for sexually harassing Leanne and that other cabbie guy (You know, the unknown Star Trek crew member) held him back.

Leanne tried to convince him to drop it, but he was pretty unwilling. Later Les is in the Rovers writing out his resignation speech (because Dev is willing to stand around listening to a Les – rant) and Leanne finally got him to drop it.
Somewhere in the show, Janice figures out that Leanne is lying about the whole thing and is pretty cross about it.

The big scene however was Sunita’s dad showing up at her door. It was ‘all is forgiven, sorry I couldn’t make it to our last meeting’ and when he found out that she had been sick it was extra sugary sweet bonding and ‘why didn’t you come to us my daughter’.

Then he finds out that she’s engaged to Dev and living with her and is pissed that she would come to them with this news but not news of her illness. Now we’re kind of back to ‘I HAVE no daughter!’

Sunita, honey, walk away from the parents, because they’re causing ME to need therapy.


Anonymous said...

i found it funny when the pissed off Tarcey is crossing the street with Amy in Pram and gets caught up in the cobbles then tries to ram the baby buggy forward. Her expression says it all. "Who the hell uses cobblestones as paving material anymore!!!???"

I think it's time for her to look at alternate means of transporting Amy around beside that wartime-era Pram.

And poor Sunita, just when you think she's got it made...tsk tsk tsk


Chelly said...

I loved that bit when Ciaran mocked Tracey!! Finally! Very nice, that.

anyone said...

Am I the only one that thought the guy who played Sunita's father had absolutely no acting ability? He was completely devoid of any emotion what so ever.

skeezix said...

What's the most expensive (and least expensive) property in Coronation Street monopoly?

Anonymous said...

I bet one of the top spaces on the board is UnderWorld or the Rover's Return