Sunday, June 12, 2005

Karen McDonald: Devil or Angel?

Our Karen’s gone from mouthy to mousy. From stroppy to subdued. From bolshie to benevolent. I half expected her to start speaking in tongues, rolling on the floor and handling poisonous serpents. I’m surprised the face of the Blessed Virgin didn't appear on her toast.

Now that she’s given away all her fancy frocks she’ll have to purchase more modest apparel.

Not the red boots! Will Karen replace her sexy red boots with footwear that sends a more positive message?

What exactly does the well-dressed reprobate wear in Hell?

Karen actually ironed a shirt for Steve! In an effort to mend her ways, has Karen been reading from the pages of the Rebellious Wives manual?

How long can she keep up the Little Miss Goody Two Shoes act? Karen McDonald: Devil or angel? I suspect that Tracy Barlow will push her to her limit. Stay tuned.

(illustration via ‘The Works of Mercy’ collection)


Jacqueline said...

I am speechless.

Again, MJ is ultimate Blogging Queen...

BTW - as an annoyed catholic who's always being disturbed by noisy children at Mass, perhaps we can commission an appropriate poster for my church.

'Jacqueline tells Cindy Loo Hoo that God wants her to shut the hell up.'

Anonymous said...

HAHA Shoes of the Fishermen ROCK!!!


MJ said...

She might want some inspirational scripture shoe inserts for her Shoes of the Fisherman . . .