Thursday, June 30, 2005

Jamie NOT a Corrie Hunk to me!

Okay, I like my men scruffy. I am talking Lord of the Rings, mid-battle, all sweaty, long haired, and five o'clock shadowed scruffy. Sawyer on Lost, 40 days on a desert island without a hair cut or bath scruffy. Almost as far as Rupert on Survivor...okay, too far, but you get the general idea. (But he was still a sweetie, eh?)

So why do I cringe when Jamie comes on the screen in the same darn shirt he's worn practically episode? Why do I want to encourage Maria to return to her former occupation to give him a weekly flea bath? And why does anyone else think he's cute??? (Notice all the questions marks...used to emphasize my confusion, not to annoy!) I think I'm missing something here...

Now I have to go through my waiting-until-Monday to see what happens with Angela and Tommy's new rodenty friends! Why oh why do they do this to us?



MJ said...

I think it's high time they installed a laundrette in Weatherfield for the likes of Jamie. But there's a laundrette on EastEnders so I suppose that's out of the question. Charlie could have used a wash this week. Did you see the stains on that undershirt? Okay, so he just got off work but you'd think he'd have a spare he could whip on before heading to the Rovers.

Jacqueline said...


I didn't want to say anything less I look 'out of date'.

I just don't find him attractive period.

But who knows what the kids like today.

Mrs Mystic said...

icky Jamie looks like he needs a sheep dip not just a bath!