Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jacqueline Blushing Day - and update for June 13

First of all - my goodness MJ, thank you and well, I'm speechless...it's nice to get that kind of recognition. I'd have to say though, that many kudos you deserve for your amazing part in this blog. You're kind of like part of the Borg Corrie Collective - if something Corrie happens, you're on it.

But I second MJ's request and also encourage anyone out there to join the team and do some writing. How about Pamer? I'm sure HE can bring us some interesting tidbits from the MALE perspective. (okay, I think I'm just embarassing everyone concerned now.)

I have a small confession to make though, I'm glad it's back to 1/2 episodes. It was actually becoming a challenge to get the telly for a whole hour and like someone said if a certain story goes on for the full hour, you can get exhausted. But that's just me.

Oh, and last night the Corrie St. Monopoly game came. I was so happy that I took it to bed with me and hugged it all night.

Remember, these updates will contain spoilers for anyone who prefers to watch on Sundays.

So last night after a close call with the health inspector (no hot water)Cieran was able to open up McCarthys. I'd like to say right from the get-go that the food better be fantastic, because that decor is nothing short of god-awful. Regardless, the Irishman is happy and has Sarah on his staff.

Karen is having a complete breakdown and Tracey...well Tracey you are truly such an evil bitch. Janice tried to snap Karen out of this by telling her that all this behaviour would cost her Steve, but that just seem to make Karen realize that she didn't deserve him.

She gave Tracey money towards Amy and literally threw Steve out the door to go see Amy. (Steve, you needed to go back in and tell Karen that although you want to see your daughter, nothing's up with Tracey.) Anyway, Tracey was UBER Smug and the last shot we got is of Karen standing at the doorway with nothing. I've always had a soft spot for Karen despite her monkeyshines, so this kind of broke my heart.

A new face showed up yesterday, the sex symbol of the over 70 crowd, Rula Romanoff, played by Honor Blackman (aka Pussy Galore). She stopped into the Kabin to hook up with Rita who wasn't there, but managed to steal the hearts of Fred and Norris (whom she compared (in an obvious fit of dementia) to DeNiro. Turns out that Rula used to work with Rita when Rita was a nightclub singer back in the day.

SUPER SPOILER - Regarding the departure of a main character.

So what I suspected was right. In an interview with Sean Wilson, he stated that never had a dispute with the writers about his character sleeping with 16 year old Katy, however, he refused their further suggestion that he sleep with an even younger girl, turning Martin into a pedophile.

Hmmmm, rumour has it that his refusal to go along with that story line is the reason for the ax. (I suspect he wasnt' cool with the Katy storyline either though.)

You know, as boring as the Martin characters been, I didn't think he deserved to be taken down that path. Good luck to Sean in his future work - I hope he really kicks ass out there.


MissesCee said...

What I don't get is...Steve can have both Karen and Amy...why does Karen not suggest that Steve bring Amy to their flat for a visit? Sure, Tracey would "have kittens" over that, but, that is how these types of situations work...

John said...

Because Karen can barely make a liogical, rational decision in the best of times.

As for turning Martin into a child-botherer, I'm glad they didn't go down that road. Katy was borderline enough. Besides, he's been on the show as basically a good guy (affairs aside) for 20 years and it would be a real insult to him as an actor to just suddenly make him go pervy.

MissesCee said...

I have been hearing rumblings that Corrie will be on CBC 5 days a week starting this fall - has anyone else heard this?

MJ said...

Right you are Ms. Twentynine.
I posted about this on June 3 but all I know so far is that beginning this fall, Coronation Street will be on CBC five nights a week. I saw it on their website but I don't know the start date.

MJ said...

Tell us more about your Monopoly game. Is Les Batterby's house the cheapest on the block or wha?

Anonymous said...

Never posted to a blog before, but I'm a huge corrie fan who found you from a recent posting to the yahoo group.

Just wanted to mention that Tracy doesn't need daily dialysis because she received a kidney transplant from, I believe, Deirdre's former husband Samir. (Before my time.)

I think she mentioned at one point to Emily (back when she was pregnant and Emily was concerned about Tracy's health) that as long as she takes her medication, she's fine and there's no reason she'd reject the kidney.

Love the site, really enjoy the comments and the little Corrie nuggets you find!