Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jacqueline Appreciation Day

I, contributor MJ, do gleefully declare this, June 14th, to be Jacqueline Appreciation Day.

2005 is the year of Corrie Canuck. Since January, Jacqueline has provided a haven for those of us who must have our daily dose of Jack and Vera and Roy and Hayley and Steve and Karen and Ken and Deirdre and Les and Cilla and Dev and Sunita and Ciaran and Tracy. Well, maybe not Tracy.

We now have 5 contributors: Jacqueline, MJ, Radmila, Uta, and Susan. Lots of Corrie fans have been posting comments and we’re happy to have you along for the ride. To those of you who have been posting comments and want to do more (you know you want more) and to any of you who are reading the posts but not commenting (we know you’re out there) . . . we welcome you to become contributors. For details, email Jacqueline: glacia@gmail.com

In appreciation of Jacqueline, please support her in the Run for the Cure (see her June 13 posting.)

Thanks, Jacqueline, for creating Corrie Canuck. A place for Canadian Coronation Street fans to call home.

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MissesCee said...

Thanks for this site - I just found it 5 minutes ago...I will be adding it to my links!