Sunday, June 19, 2005

HARRY ELTON: The Man Who Made Coronation Street Happen

Without the backing of Canadian Harry Elton, we wouldn’t be watching Coronation Street today. In 1960, Harry was working as a producer at Granada TV. The brass at Granada thought it wasn’t the type of program an audience would watch. In fact, the powers-that-be loathed the pilot episode. Harry fought successfully to bring Coronation Street to the screen. According to Corrie creator Tony Warren, "Without Harry's dogged determination, it never would have seen the light of day.”

Listen to an interview with Harry Elton on ‘As It Happens.’

Harry died at age 74 on May 16, 2004. Read Harry Elton’s obituary in The Guardian.


Anonymous said...

Wow! He was the Original Corrie Canuck!!!


MJ said...

Good one, Pamer.