Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Jason

Born: June 10, 1984

Ryan Thomas (Corrie’s Jason Grimshaw) turns 21 today.

Ryan Thomas tidbits:

Made his debut on Coronation Street at age 16 on Christmas Day, 2000.

Volunteers once a week at Christie’s Hospital in Manchester. His mom Gail is a nurse at the hospital.

When he was younger, Ryan was invited to tea by Michael Jackson but the meeting never occurred. (Close one, Ryan.)

Ryan is dating Tina O’Brien (our Sarah Platt.) They got together five months after Tina’s breakup with Bruno Langley (our Todd Grimshaw and Ryan’s on-screen brother.)

Former flatmate of Bruno Langley.

He’s reunited with his estranged biological father, soul singer Dougie James.

Ryan goes for facials and applies facemasks because the Corrie makeup takes its toll on his skin.


LDF said...

Hey everybody! How about a summary of whot's been 'appening, I say, whot's been 'appening on Corrie lately? I haven't watched these past two weeks, and am really needing more than celeb gossip! (Altho our Jason is a cutie)

Anonymous said...

He's only 21? Ohh I feel old.