Saturday, June 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Frankie & Danny

Debra Stephenson and Bradley Walsh play married couple Frankie and Danny Baldwin on Coronation Street. The actors share a birthday today.

DEBRA STEPHENSON (Corrie's Frankie Baldwin)

Born: June 4, 1972

Began doing stand-up comedy in social clubs when she was 13.

Won a prize on a BBC talent show called ‘Opportunity Knocks’ at age 14.

Debra’s gift for mimicry includes impersonations of Margaret Thatcher, Kate Bush, Shirley Bassey, Cilla Black and Kylie Minogue.

Played bi-sexual psycho inmate Shell Dockley in the TV series ‘Bad Girls.’

Auditioned for the part of Sam, the barmaid, for Coronation Street in 1996, but the part went to Tina Hobley.

Married to James Duffield, a builder.

A son Max.

Debra’s not as high maintenance as her character Frankie. When she joined the show it was five hours for her hair, two hours on her tan and another two hours for her nails. Since then she’s found a few shortcuts such as a spray ‘tan in a can.’

For relaxation, she likes to go and see miniature steam engines.

Writes for the British tabloid “The People.”

Recently released an album called “In the Sunshine.” Listen at

BRADLEY WALSH (Corrie's Danny Baldwin)

Born: June 4, 1960

Bradley’s 6 months older than Coronation Street, which began broadcasting in December 1960.

Plays a philanderer on Corrie but happily married since 1997 to wife Donna. Calls her “Tasty Taters” as she used to sell potatoes at a London market stall.

A son Barney.

Played for Brentford as a professional footballer. Career cut short when he fractured both his ankles.

Plays now for a football team called ‘The Vagabonds’ with his mate Rod Stewart.

Hosted the following TV shows: ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ ‘Only Joking,’ ‘The Midas Touch,’ ‘Shoot the Messenger,’ and ‘Sports Addicts.’

Author of a children’s book called “My Dream Cup Final.”

Stand-up comedian. Released comedy DVDs called ‘Bradley Walsh Live’ and ‘Bradley Walsh – Dangerously Cheeky.’

Bradley will be appearing onstage at Blackpool’s North Pier Theatre every Monday and Tuesday from August 1st through September 13th.

Happy Birthday you crazy couple o' kids!

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Jacqueline said...

Well that explains why she did such a hilarious imitation of Karen.

Can you imagine spending that much time on hair, etc. I always thought being an actor on a television show had that really boring side - this confirms it.

MJ - again you're the queen of corrie research.